The Demise of theAngryActivist blog…

Well, I could have predicted that.  This morning I went to visit the AngryActivistSite (that started out complaining about little ol’ me), and it is gone.  I guess no one was interested to hear what the Captain, or Junior, or the non-existent Violet, had to say about angry gay activists.  ‘They’ were just posting a few days ago, but hung it up. 

On April 30, their second to the last post was titled

"The Facist Sodomites Abound With No Sense At All."

There was no text to go along with it–and I should point out their spelling error too.  So ‘sodomite’ comes up yet again?  Let’s see, who has been using the word Sodomite over and over again lately?  Stacy Harp and Peter LaBarbera.  Suspicious?  Yes.

Anyway, the little hate site is gone.  Like I said, there is a trend recently that even Peter must recognize–people don’t care about the issue of gays and lesbians.  People aren’t complaining about it (except for a little handful of people who do it for a living). 

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