DL Foster Comes Out from Under His Rock…

The other day I noticed an award was given to a blog (that I will not name here).  It was given by the Gay Christian Movement Watch (the original blog entry that won for this week was about Dr. Out and Proud–now I wonder who that might be???).  It is obviously named after Ex-Gay Watch.  I took a quick look at who gave out the award.  I didn’t notice until today that it is run by no other than DL Foster–the ex-gay.  DL Foster ‘disappeared’ back in December.  I’ve never heard what happened, but regardless, he is back.  And doing the same damage he did earlier–out to kill the gay and lesbian movement.  If you remember, DL Foster is one of those ex-gays who blames his own bad decisions on being gay.  Instead of accepting that he made bad decisions in his life (drug use, alcohol abuse), he blamed ‘gayness’ for it.  Of course, now the good reverend has been cured.  He has spent his adult life trying to convince people that he is straight by pointing out how bad it is go be gay.

Here is the mission statement for his new organization:


Gay Christian Movement Watch is a nondenominational ministry whose mission is to monitor, analyze and publish (MAP) the activities, leaders and public positions of the gay christian movement.

GCM Watch acts as an educational and empowerment tool for Christian academia desiring to better equip students and faculty to appropriately respond to the new face of doctrinal fallacy championed by homosexual religious groups and their allies.

GCM Watch seeks to facilitate intelligent discussion regarding the gay christian movement and enlighten the broader Christian constituency through careful research and examination of movement’s various adherents.

Our foundational text is the Bible and our worldwide is balanced between the traditional scriptural understanding where applicable and progressive revelation where applicable. We believe that, where applicable,  reason, logic and evidence is to be used to defend the faith given by Jesus Christ and recorded by holy men of God who were inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Please direct questions or comments not suitable for the blog commenting system provided,  to gcmwatch@yahoo.com

Media inquiries only: please contact founder and principal contributor, Pastor DL Foster at 404-326-1414. Contact information for other contributors will be forthcoming.

You can see the problems already–he claims he is going to be doing ‘careful research and examination,’ but that remains to be seen.  He couldn’t do it before.  Maybe he has learned some new tricks. 

The contributors are:


Rev. DL Foster, founder and principal author – Atlanta
Mr. Roger Marshall, contributing author – Barbados
Mr.  John Burnett, contributing author – Atlanta
Mr. Craig McNally, contributing author – Kingston, Jamaica
Rev. Dr. Clinton Chisholm, contributing author – Hollywood, FL

(I’ll have to do some researching of my own about these characters)

And how does this group start off its ‘careful research’ and ‘examination’?  Foster’s blog states:

After several months of studying the scriptures, it became clear to us that the movement now known as “gay christianity” is nothing more than a heresy revival. Its pernicious impact has negatively colored the modern church while off setting its God image and evangelistic mandate. Our stated goal for this weblog is no different than that of the early church fathers who addressed false doctrines, heresy and the encroachment of “false brethren”. They aggressively warned by educating the believers of the true motives, nature and person of Jesus Christ.

Well, at least they admit that they haven’t studied the scriptures before!  DL Foster is no Justin Martyr or Tertullian or Augustine (for those that don’t know, these people were early church fathers…).

And I think it is absolutely hilarious that DL Foster cites the apostle Jude–why is this absolutely hilarious?  Because for all that DL Foster goes on about heresy, it is within the book of Jude that a ‘heretical’ tract called 1 Enoch is found (see 6:14-15)!  I guess the good revered should keep on studying those scriptures…

Here is how he ends his first post:


CARM, the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry, lays out with frightening accuracy the self destructive fate of the political homosexual movement and its offspring the gay christian movement:

“Unlike other sins, this sexual sin has a judgment administered by God Himself: “He [God] gives them over to their passions (Rom. 1:26-28). This means that their hearts are allowed to be hardened by their sins. As a result, they can no longer see the error of what they are doing. Without an awareness of their sinfulness, there will be no repentance. Without repentance, there will be no forgiveness. Without forgiveness, there is no salvation.”

By extension, those who partner with homosexuals in the promotion and agreement against God’s  creative intent and order, stand in danger of the same fate (Romans 1:32).  Thus, our mission and purpose become critical. We must warn,  educate and equip the contemporary church as the early apostles did.

Notice the beginning of the third paragraph–‘those who partner with homosexuals and agreement…stand in danger of the same fate.’  This sounds like that curse that those rabbis pronounced on gays and lesbians (which I’ve written about here)…


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