Gay Christian Ministry Watch Contributors

As I mentioned, DL Foster gave a list of contributors to his newest anti-gay mission–Gay Christian Ministry Watch.  As an historian, I feel it is important to know not only the writings, but also the history of the writers.  The contributors consist of (I’m not going to write about DL Foster here):

Mr. Roger Marshall, contributing author – Barbados
Mr.  John Burnett, contributing author – Atlanta
Mr. Craig McNally, contributing author – Kingston, Jamaica
Rev. Dr. Clinton Chisholm, contributing author – Hollywood, FL

Mr. Roger Marshall

I thought I would start of with Mr. Roger Marshall of Barbados.  He runs a charity in Barbados called Project Probe Ministries.  And what does Project Probe do?

Project PROBE Ministries, Registered Charity No. 491, is a non-denominational Christian apologetics ministry. The acronym PROBE defines our purpose, which is: Providing Research for Objectively Battling Error. Towards this end we facilitate public lecture/discussions and conduct research on important issues of controversy to the Christian faith and worldview. Project PROBE Ministries was constituted and registered in 2001 as a Charity under the Charities Act of Barbados.

Project Probe is supported by Exodus Global Alliance (and see here).


Mr. Craig McNally

Mr. Craig McNally is a counseling therapist.  He is described there as:

"Mr. McNally is also the executive director of Working Initiative and Resources for Empowerment and Development (W.I.R.E.D ) a counselling agency for sexual brokeness."

Back in 2004 the group he was running–WIRED, released information about meetings that gays and lesbians were having to the public.  This occurred in a seminar titled ‘Sexual Brokenness.  Truth and Healing.’  This happened just a month after a gay man was killed in Jamaica.  The man was chopped to death.  The article (in the Jamaican Observer) stated:

For his part, McNally insisted that the WIRED seminar, rather than inciting hatred and animosity, was intended to help church workers and counsellors develop an understanding of the issue, to be able to assist homosexuals who come seeking help.
"The church makes the gay community feel that God doesn’t love them," McNally, explained in an interview last week. "But homosexuals are also humans. They are people who God loves and Christ died for," he contended.

And guess who else was at that seminar?  None other than DL Foster.  This is what he was doing there:

On Saturday night the speaker, Pastor Daryl Foster, an Atlanta-based pastor, spoke clearly from his own experience and position as one truly converted by the Holy Spirit from a gay lifestyle.His explicit delivery made a profound impact on those of us who heard him.At the end of his presentation his invitation to come forward for prayer of deliverance was answered with urgency by most persons in attendance.

This year McNally also ran a conference this year titled "The Truth About Homosexuality."


Rev. Clinton Chisholm

Clinton Chisholm also writes for Project Probe Ministries.  His biography at the end of this particular article (at PPM) states:


Rev’d Clinton A. Chisholm, D.D., M.A., M.A., F.C.A., B.A., B.Th., L.R.S.M., A.T.C.L., is the Associate Pastor of the Metropolitan Baptist Church in Hollywood, Florida.

In another place in the PPM website Chisholm is described as:


Noted Caribbean Christian Apologist Rev. Dr. Clinton Chisholm, Associate Pastor of the Metropolitan Baptist Church, Florida, USA

Here is his biography from his current church:


Rev. Clinton Chisholm studied at the Jamaica Theological Seminary (B.Th.), the Jamaica School of Music (L.R.S.M., A.T.C.L.), the University of the West Indies (B.A.), the University of Sheffield, England (M.A.), the International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism & Human Rights, France (F.C.A., Fellow in Christian Apologetics) and Biola University, USA, (M.A.) In 2005 he was awarded the honourary Doctor of Divinity degree (D.D) by the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology in Jamaica where he served as a Guest Lecturer since 1993.
The Rev. Mr. Chisholm has been involved in education at home in Jamaica and abroad, having served as High School teacher, lecturer at the Jamaica Theological Seminary, guest lecturer at the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology (Jamaica), tutor in Philosophy at the University of the West Indies (Mona, Jamaica), tutor in Business Ethics at the University of Technology (Jamaica) and teaching assistant in Hebrew at the University of Sheffield, England.
At present he is Associate Pastor of the Metropolitan Baptist, Church. He has produced 25 educational audio cassettes, the latest being "Homosexuality: Clinical & Biblical Perspectives", "Afrocentrism & Black Consciousness", "Challenges for Christianity" and "The Church’s Impact on Western Civilization". He is the author of the book "A Matter of Principle". He and his wife, Flora, both have two children, Antoinette and Samuel.

I can’t find anything specific on John Burnett.  Maybe we’ll get a C.V. when he starts to write.


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5 Responses to Gay Christian Ministry Watch Contributors

  1. Devan thoms says:

    Craig Mcnally is the best…. he rules…. thank you Craig for helping me.

  2. kkaatz1 says:

    Hi Devan, In what way did he help you?

  3. morris17 says:

    i would rather not to say… i really dont no u

  4. kkaatz1 says:

    I don’t really know you either, but you did leave a post saying he is the best, he rules, and that he helped you. It seems natural that I would ask what he did that was so great…

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