Stacy Harp Actually Reads My Blog!


Here is what she has to say:


Friends of this blog, I have a special prayer request for one of my biggest fans…or ah… critics. Dr. Kevin Kaatz posted today on his blog that he hurt his finger. And as you can see in the picture on his website , it’s really bruised and appears to be in some pain because he said on his blog that he wouldn’t be blogging for a day or so. Personally, I’m going to miss reading Kevin’s blog because he’s rather obsessed with me and what I write on this blog. Check it out for yourself, as he loves to write about me – well and criticize pretty much everything I write….but I’m a good sport.
So Kevin, I will pray for you and I’m sure some of my readers will also. In the meantime, if you can’t blog, why not try podcasting. It’s actually more fun and pretty easy to do. And since you’re a doctor I know you could figure that out. And I’m really glad you didn’t break your finger, that would’ve been a real pain. Get better soon.


Stacy–I actually am both a fan and a critic of yours.  I am a fan of yours for the work you do on child molesters and on religious persecution.  I am also a critic of yours on your work on the gay and lesbian community.  No, I’m not really obsessed about you, but I am obsessed about your message.  There is a difference.  I read many, many blogs every day from various people–from those I agree with to those I don’t.  You can’t really expect me to sit back and allow what you have to say to go by without responding, now do you?  You’ve blocked me out of your comment area quite a while ago when I challenged you about your article on gays and smoking, so I have to make my comments here.  I do believe in free speech.  Of course, I also believe that you have a right to block comments on your own blog.

I have to say that I don’t like your message lately.  Sometimes you seem very reasonable and friendly, even if we are on opposite sides of the fence.  And I dare say that we might even become real friends if we lived closer.  There are a few bloggers out there who make quite a few anti-gay statements who have become what I would consider e-friends.  We respect each other and respect each other’s views, but at the same time we allow each other to voice differing opinions.  But I certainly don’t like it when you refer to gays and lesbians as sodomites, especially since I know my biblical history.  I don’t like it when you wish that the U.S. would block all gays and lesbians from doing anything, like what Israel proposed.  I don’t like it when you call a gay pride parade a ‘perversion parade.’  I don’t like it when you say things like:

If it weren’t for the proliferation of the gay agenda on television and in other media, homosexuals would still be considered deviant, and out of the norm. However, since television has normalized this choice in lifestyle many think it’s now okay. The truth is that homosexuality will never be okay or acceptable. It’s not a natural way to live and it deviates from nature, the way nature intended us to be.


Homosexuals that are trying to change the culture, change laws, indoctrinate children, lie to people in church, etc, are perfect examples of people who love themselves and not God. Because it’s all about them and their “rights”, their “feelings”, their “truth”, their “rules”, their “values” and their “wants and lustful desires”. And dare I say that the list above, as written in that scripture, describes the homosexual activists to at!


So here’s what I say to you Joe, cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it. The FACTS are that many homosexual terrorists, such as yourself, do molest children, do stalk children, and do rape them.


In fact, this should serve as a warning to anyone who thinks that pedophiles and homosexuals have nothing in common. There’s my evidence.

(not to mention your work with Guy Adams and the sex-with-babies scandal)

I think it strange when you discuss Hal Lindsey’s idea that the Xerox machine was a gift of a demon but yet you are excited when a new form of printing comes out. 

So, in the exercise of my first amendment rights, I write what I think about your opinions.  But you aren’t the only one I write about.  I write about Peter LaBarbera, Tony Perkins, James Dobson, Don Wildmon, DL Foster, Randy Thomas, Alan Chambers, Gary Bauer and all the other people that I disagree with. 

I also write about other things that aren’t related to hate sites or anti-gay sites.  I write about my garden.  I write about my partner of 15 years.  I write about my research.  I also write about when I hurt my finger when I was helping a friend move some furniture.  This is an equal opportunity/topic blog. 

And it is totally possible that your prayers worked.  My finger is feeling better today, although the bruising is moving down.  I’ve put up a new picture of it today. 

Anyway, thanks for stopping by.  You are always welcome here and always welcome to leave comments.  I won’t block them. 


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4 Responses to Stacy Harp Actually Reads My Blog!

  1. aracely says:

    yay for kevin! i have my pom poms out and am wearing my cheerleader outfit just for you!! have fed ex\’\’d you some ice for your fingers…keep us the good fight for in my eyes you are truely brillant!!

  2. Kevin says:

    Thanks BB!  The ice will definitely come in handy! 

  3. Rob says:

    Kevin – thanks for reading the hate-blogs so I don\’t have to!  Australia is so much nicer than the US in that respect.  Once Howard and his ilk get voted out of office this election, I wouldn\’t be surprised to see significant progress toward marriage equality here.

  4. Kevin says:

    Hey Rob!  Great to hear from you.  I agree about Australia–the atmosphere was just so much better.  I think it was because they didn\’t have all those puritans arriving from England like the U.S.!  I am really hoping that Howard gets the boot.  I haven\’t checked the latest opinion polls though.  I\’m going to have to remind Doug again that he will need to vote in that election.

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