A Change at Exodus?

My guess is that very soon Alan Chambers is going to be without a job at Exodus.  He gave a really bad interview on Montel Williams quite a while ago that did not make Exodus look good.  Now he has given an interview with someone at the L.A. Times.  Here is the first paragraph of that article:


Alan Chambers directs Exodus International, widely described as the nation’s largest ex-gay ministry. But when he addresses the group’s Freedom Conference at Concordia University in Irvine this month, Chambers won’t celebrate successful "ex-gays."

Truth is, he’s not sure he’s ever met one.

With years of therapy, Chambers says, he has mostly conquered his own attraction to men; he’s a husband and a father, and he identifies as straight. But lately, he’s come to resent the term "ex-gay": It’s too neat, implying a clean break with the past, when he still struggles at times with homosexual temptation. "By no means would we ever say change can be sudden or complete," Chambers said.

That doesn’t sound good for the message of Exodus.  Look at that last sentence–by no means would we ever say change can be…complete.

The other day Chambers had to issue an apology for some misleading information on the upcoming Exodus conference in Irvine California.  The ad for the conference implied that there could be a ‘sudden, radical, compete change.’  Chambers was challenged about this and he issued a statement that said that what that really meant is that the church should undergo a sudden, radical, complete change when it deals with homosexuals.  I don’t think that is really what the ad was originally about.

Now comes that L.A. Times article.  I also just received an email about an article written by Irene Bennett, the ex-gay Stephen Bennett’s wife.  She is not happy with Alan Chambers and insists that her husband has totally changed.  Of course, you can just imagine her angst at thinking that maybe Stephen hasn’t or can’t make the total change.  I feel sort of sorry for her–but only just a bit.  Her article can be read here.   

Anyway, I bet that Alan Chambers will soon be replaced with Randy Thomas and Exodus can start looking like its old ‘Change is Possible’ look.


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