Americans For Truth About Homosexuality–the Real Truth

Wow, I guess sending in numerous letters to the IRS about the fact that Americans For Truth about Homosexuality only calls itself Americans For Truth actually might have done some good!  Today the new banner for AFTAH looks like this:

The old background was:

(the Caution was still on the end of the old one as well)

There is no mention on his website about why Peter LaBarbera put up the real, legal name of his organization.  But to call it Americans For Truth was a lie and misleading.  It is a shame that the Statue of Liberty is used by this hate group…

And I also see that Peter LaBarbera also changed his NTEE code–it used to be designated as a Gay and Lesbian Advocacy group!  Talk about a giant LIE!  Today is is an RO1 (Alliance/Advocacy Organization).  Peter had said all along that the government would pick the NTEE code–this was not true either.  But I do hope that the IRS told him to clean up his act and at least pretend to talk about the Truth.


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