“Can Anything be Done to Stop Gay Rights?” by Paul Cameron

Someone has been leaving comments in a post I did back in April on Paul Cameron and his Family Research Institute.  I am happy with that and I am assuming that it is someone who is intimately involved with that group.  I hope that he/she keeps leaving comments so that we can both understand the other point of view. 

However, there are limits and I think I hit a limit today.  Paul Cameron’s Family Research Institute has written a pamphlet titled "Can Anything Be Done to Stop Gay Rights?": (Jim Burroway also looks at this at Box Turtle Bulletin, May 22, 2007).

Of course, the correct answer to that question is NO, NO, and NO.  🙂  And Paul Cameron, along with people like Peter LaBarbera are realizing that their hate-filled comments are quickly coming to a close.  The premise of this pamphlet is that gays and lesbians are causing the decline of the West (just like Rudow and his idea that Rome fell because of gays and lesbians, and now America is falling).  Here is just a quote from "Dr." Paul Cameron (and probably his son, Kirk, as well):

Gay rights is also a cause of civilization’s decline. Homosexuality is a unique manifestation of hedonism. Instead of producing children, it preys on them. Instead of keeping to itself, it proselytizes. Instead of promoting health and stability (as does marriage), it thrives on aggression, spreads disease, and destroys its practitioners, emotionally and physically.

And what is ever more disturbing, is that Cameron, et al., blames and attributes what happened to Germany on gays and lesbians as well!:


We had a forewarning of this social collapse in Germany following that nation’s defeat in World War I. During the Weimar Republic, homosexuality was acceptable and consequently rampant. The popular culture celebrated perversity. Kurt Weill’s songs portrayed pleasure-seeking men moving from one homosexual encounter to another. The first gay rights film, “Different From The Others,” appeared in Germany in 1919. This period of moral chaos spawned National Socialism and the rise to power of its sexually twisted leader, Adolph Hitler.

It is a long pamphlet, but Cameron, et al., is really after is a new influx of money so he can start a new foundation, since FRI was such a flop.  Here is what Step #1 would be:

1. Establishment of a private foundation or endowment designed to fund primary scientific research in these areas, conducted under the framework of the historic Christian worldview.

But not to leave out their precious FRI, #3 states:

3. Expansion and systematic funding of the Family Research Institute. As previously mentioned, we are currently the only conservative organization conducting primary research on these topics. Additional funding of FRI makes sense for the following reasons: a) we have already established a presence in the scientific literature over the last 30 years, but would like to expand our efforts and reach, b) we are currently supported by a small number of donors with a minimal budget (<$200,000/yr), c) more than one scientific organization is needed to effectively wage the gay rights battle.

To understand where things stand, FRI has the equivalent of two full-time researchers on staff. We believe this would need to be increased to at least 6 or 7 professionals. Assuming $80,000 to $100,000/year for professional salaries and $30,000 to $40,000/year per professional for ancillary staff, a commitment of between $650,000/yr and $900,000/yr would be needed to generate the volume of professional papers that would be required at scientific meetings and in scientific journals to get the scientific community to take serious notice.

Now let’s look at a few of these claims.  He claims that the budget is less than $200,000 a year.  Well, that is certainly true, since they only brought in about $80,000 in 2005–that is a far cry from $200,000.  And they had expenses of over $111,000, meaning they had a deficit for 2005.  You can see their tax returns here.   The most they have ever collected is about $120,000.  That is the highest.  Do they really think that if they are lying about their budget (which is open knowledge for the public) that they can be trusted with a million dollars?  Speaking of that…

Another claim is that they have 2 full-time researchers on staff.  Well, that is certainly not the case for their tax returns of 2005 (maybe things have changed).  The only full time person they had then is Paul Cameron.

And look at his begging for a million dollars to fund his family!  Paul Cameron got about $30,000.  His wife, as the office manager, got $18,000 (for 25 hours/week).  His son Kirk received $13,000 (for 15 hours/week) and his daughter Karen Knapp, who works four hours a week, is unpaid.  That would certainly change with a new flood of money. 

Another problem is that the Camerons do not, and cannot, get published in real scientific journals.  Nor will they be able to get into scientific meetings. 

Anyway, here is what his new foundation (run by Paul Cameron, of course) would want to do:

But none of the pro-family organizations has made any concerted, systematic effort to keep homosexual teachers out of schools, bar homosexuals from adopting or fostering children, or to counter the wave of corporate and government entities that have adopted pro-gay preferences or anti-discrimination clauses in their by-laws or charters. None has proposed concrete steps for reversing Lawrence’s legalization of sodomy. Nor have there been calls to overturn Lawrence, even though a Federal Marriage amendment would do nothing to change the current legal status of sodomy, and even though many of those same conservatives regularly call for the overturn of Roe v. Wade. Instead, the current strategy has been almost exclusively about protecting man-woman marriage, period.


Our goal is to change public policy and law for the better by making homosexuality socially unacceptable and forcing gay rights back ‘into the closet.’ To do this in our current cultural climate will require a serious commitment to empiricism and honest science — this is our ace in the hole, and it must lead and reinforce.

It is amusing that Paul Cameron and Kirk Cameron would have the guts to talk about empiricism and ‘honest science’ when they have been kicked out of nearly every reputable scientific group!

And finally, how do they want to keep and push gays and lesbians back into the closet?  What I list are excerpts.


  • Legislation making penile-anal sex illegal. Engaging in penile-anal sex would be considered a felony, punishable by 1-5 years in prison, or a fine of $2,000 per occurrence.


  • Extend the Defense of Marriage Act [DOMA] by adding to it the provision that “any political entity giving the same set or approximately the same set of benefits to any institution other than marriage (e.g., domestic partnerships, civil unions, or the equivalent) is denied Federal funding, starting with a 1% reduction in Federal funding to that entity for the first week that the entity is in violation, a 2% reduction for a violation during the second week, and so on until either full compliance with the intent of Congress to protect the institution of marriage is met, or all Federal funding is withdrawn from that political entity.”


  • Introduce federal and state bills declaring that “because of the risks to individual and public health, and the high social costs associated with HIV infection, which currently accounts for approximately 1% of Gross Domestic Product and is still growing, as well as the many other infections (e.g., syphilis, hepatitis C) that are spreading sexually through the populace by sexual contact and commerce, any political entity that receives Federal [or state] funding and passes some form of domestic partnership or any public or private entity that does business with the Federal [or state] government and provides benefits for unmarried couples, must require blood tests of the same sort required to donate to the blood bank. (this is only part of this ‘goal’)


  • Enact a Federal requirement of full disclosure of all sexual molestations of foster and adoptive children, classified by sex and marital status of each perpetrator and further cross-sorted by sex of child, for every entity receiving Federal funding.


  • Enact a Federal requirement that school districts treat homosexual sex as a public health hazard.


  • Enact a Federal requirement that at least by 7th grade, each pupil in every school must be informed of: 1) the health hazards of homosexual sex, including STDs and the shortening of the lifespan, and 2) the health benefits of marriage, including lesser risks of STDs and the lengthening of the lifespan.


  • Enact a Federal requirement that school districts must not have a non-discrimination policy in regard to homosexual teachers.


  • Enact a federal requirement that schools and day care facilities must fully disclose attempted or actual sexual molestations of pupils to the U.S. Department of Education in a timely manner.


  • Enact a Federal requirement that any administrator or school board who knowingly hires a homosexual or a convicted child molester as a teacher or worker at a school or day care facility is to be fined $50,000.


After each goal, Cameron lists the penalties for not following these.  And remember, this is the ‘vision statement’ of the Family Research Institute.  Now we know the real motives that sit behind this ‘research’ institute.


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