I’ve been tagged by queertardo!  That means I really need to list eight things that I think people may not know about me.

1.  I’ve wanted to be an artist (drawing and clay) for a very long time now.

2.  If I had to pick the perfect job, I would be an organic farmer and live in a log cabin.

3.  I would love to have a work room filled with powertools (that I would use!).

4.  I’ve known I’ve been gay since around the age of 7.

5.  I grew up going to a Southern Baptist church and I loved reading the Bible since around the fifth grade (I suppose that isn’t all that surprising since I now study early Christianity!).

6.  I am friends with a guy who has a very anti-gay website (well, he is an e-friend.  We tried to meet in November but it didn’t work out).

7.  In my research I can work in seven languages (Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Syriac, Coptic, French and German).

8.  I used to be painfully shy.

O.k.  Now I am supposed to tag eight others:










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One Response to Tagged

  1. Rob says:

    after a couple rounds of this, I don\’t think there is anything left that people don\’t know  🙂

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