Gay Pride in Jerusalem

Well, the parade was held, and good on ’em!  So how did the good religious people react?  Well, at least one ‘fervently orthodox’ was found and arrested with a bomb.  Yep, that is how some honor their God.  And I guess a fervent orthodox person probably is too busy to read the Ten Commandments, especially the one about You Will Not Kill.  But now will Stacy Harp comment on the bomb?  Probably not.  But she seems to be having a mighty bad day.  Her comments:


Like I said below – these perverts care nothing about others and only about themselves.

Today is the day that the perversion pride parade is taking place in the holiest city in the world – Jerusalem. It’s truly a sad day for Jerusalem as a result. It’s also evidence of the narcissistic movement of the homosexuals. Personally, I find it amazing that these perversion activists can disregard the faith of millions and millions of people who regard Jerusalem as a holy city. They apparently have more lust for themselves than consideration of others. The fact that Jerusalem is not only a holy city to the Jews, Christians and Muslims, doesn’t matter to them as long as they can desecrate the holy city with their perversion.

Then again, followers of Satan could care less about anyone but themselves.

Perverts, narcissistic movement, perversion activists, followers of Satan.  Wow.  I wonder if Stacy has ever read up on some of these fervent orthodox groups she seems to so desperately want to defend and their comments on women?  Then again, why would she.  She is only concerned about perverts and not the rights of women.  And I wonder if she has ever thought about why the ‘holy city’ is one of the most violent places on earth…My guess is that it has something to do with all those religions, but that is only a guess.

And she seems to think that Pride Parades are more about lust than they are with equal rights.  Well, that is how she wants to see them, and that will be how she sees them.  More power to her. 

Anyway, this weekend is the S.F. Pride Parade and lust won’t be the first thing on my mind when I see all those Dykes on Bikes and the rest of the marchers going past.  What will be on my mind is how proud I will be of all of them that they have overcome hate, and religious persecution and just plain old ignorance to be able to march.  What will also be on my mind is all of those faux-religious people who stored up their own feces and urine and make bombs to lob on those who are fighting for their rights just to be and then go home and preach about family values. 

Happy Pride Weekend Stacy!  May you be able to see the beauty in the world!


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