Frameline–The GLBT Film Festival in San Francisco

Last night we went to our last movie for the S.F. Film Festival.  It was called Rock Haven.  It was o.k.  I also went to a movie in the afternoon called Kan-Gay-Roo, which was a series of short films by Australians.  There was one that was fantastic called Prada Handbag.  There was another one that really made me feel homesick since most of it was filmed within two blocks of where we have our apartment in Sydney.  I kept trying to look around the ‘corner’ to see if I could see our building!

There is a very long list of official sponsors.  The Australian shorts were sponsored by United Airlines, and they even gave everyone a 10% off coupon!  AAA sponsored Rock Haven.  And what I find even more amazing, considering how many problems gays and lesbians have in Israel and in particular, Jerusalem–the Israeli Consulate General of the Pacific Northwest sponsors the film festival as well!  Yep, the Israeli government.  Who would have thought???  I know that won’t make some people happy, but it made my day to see that!


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