Religious Persecution

It is sad that one has to be reminded occasionally that this is not a fundamentalist religious country.  But it needs to be said, at least occasionally.  All of these anti-gay laws that have swept through the country are based on some religious principles, and therein lies the problem.  This country wasn’t founded on freedom of religion.  Oh sure, there were some who came over here to escape fundamentalism in Europe, but not the majority.  That is one of the biggest myths about this country.

Now we have people who think that they can use their religion to make laws.  Everyone knows that the anti-gay marriage laws are based on the so-called man and woman, Adam and Eve argument.  To force this on the entire country is religious persecution.  Gays and lesbians need to start being more vocal about where these ideas are coming from, and people in positions of legislative power need to be told to stop supporting religious persecution.  If one religion forces its ideas on the rest of the country, even if it is a majority of the people, it goes against what this country is about.

I think a major part of the fight for equality should be with this message. 

It should also be said that people can have their religious beliefs.  They can believe that certain groups will go to hell (while, of course, those condemning them will go to heaven); they can believe they are the chosen ones, they can believe in their own pride that they are better than others.  But when these chosen ones begin to change the laws to make sure they remain the chosen ones, then democracy takes a bit hit.  When they start forcing their own religious beliefs on everyone else, including those who have the right not to believe, then that is persecution.

Fortunately history shows us that these hate-filled groups have little to no future.  The KKK is a good example.  The Nazis are another example.  The anti-gay activists can see the writing on the wall, and their history will be the same. 

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