Pride Pictures (4)

I’m afraid that anyone looking for evidence of ‘perversion’ at the S.F. Pride Parade is going to be sorely disappointing.  In fact, from what I have seen, the Mardi Gras Parade in New Orleans is much, much worse.  This parade had lots of families and lots of politics.  Little else in terms of dancing boys and things of that nature.  Here are a few pictures of that, just in case you were wondering how tame it really was.

These guys were on the Altoids float:

That is about as racy as it got here in San Francisco!  I know all the fundamentalists will be so disappointed…

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3 Responses to Pride Pictures (4)

  1. Nelson G. says:

    Let\’s try this again..  You think this minor detail is going to stop the cafeteria christians from going apoplectic?

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Nelson!  I don\’t think these faux Christians know what minor details are!  But I thought I had to be honest and show that there was some skin shown at the parade–just not very much of it at all!

  3. aracely says:

    a few years ago i attended the pride event here in los angeles..we really had some fun outfits…but ive seen men and women wear alot less at the beach! i just dont understand the hooplah!

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