Walmart, Americans for Truth About Homosexuality and Book sales

Someone named Donna Garner at Americans for Truth about Homosexuality was just looking for trouble and of course, she found it.  She writes that she typed in Gays and Lesbians on the Walmart book site and behold!  she found 576 items.  How horrid!  What does Donna Garner write?

Wal-Mart still has some cleaning up to do before it can say it is not supporting the gay and lesbian agenda. 

What she wants is for Walmart to erase the history of every single book that mentions gays and lesbians!

She also gives a link to the Baptist Press (which I will not give) so that one could write to Walmart about this.  Anyway, I typed in Christianity into the Walmart bookstore and got 50751 hits.  It appears that Walmart has a bigger agenda in terms of supporting Christianity than it does supporting the gay and lesbian agenda!  I say contact Walmart about their obvious support for a specific religion…

What Donna Garner doesn’t understand is that Walmart sells books of all kinds.  You don’t find most of these in their stores (where would they fit all 50751 books on Christianity????).  Maybe she should look for a book on ‘common sense’ (of which there are 206).

What would probably horrify Donna Garner a bit less than her search for gays and lesbians is that if you type in sex, you get 1363 books; wicca, you get 317 books; pagan, 205; fundamentalism, you get 183; Judaism gets 2180; Buddhism 1375; and a whopping 46 books on Mormonism. 

It appears that Donna Garner wants Walmart to erase all books that even mention gays and lesbians.  And you can bet that someone who works for the rabidly anti-gay Americans for Truth about Homosexuality will also start calling for Walmart to get rid of all books on all religions except for her beloved form of Christianity.

Here are some things that Donna Garner should be spending her time looking up and possibly even reading:

Books on tolerance, 115; free speech, 56; democracy 2275; happiness 881; and finally, there are a couple of books on ‘mind your own business’! 



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