Do we need the Hate Crime Legislation?

Obviously the answer is yes, and there is a new study out that shows that gays and lesbians are more and more becoming the targets of hate and oppression.  Here is some of what the article has to say (these are excerpts–go here to read the entire thing):


(Davis, California)  Nearly four in 10 gay men and about one in eight lesbians and bisexuals in the United States have been the target of violence or a property crime because of their sexual orientation, according to a new study.

"This is the most reliable estimate to date of the prevalence of anti-gay victimization in the United States," said University of California, Davis, psychology professor Gregory Herek who conducted the study.

"The data demonstrate that crimes against sexual minority adults, especially gay men, are disturbingly widespread."

Overall, 21 percent of the people in the survey reported being the victim of violence or a property crime — including physical assault, sexual assault, theft and vandalism — because of their sexual orientation. 

In addition, 49 percent said they had been verbally abused because of their sexual orientation, 23 percent reported being threatened with violence, 12.5 percent reported having objects thrown at them, and 11 percent reported housing or job discrimination. 

More than a third of the gay men said they had experienced violence or property crime because of their sexual orientation, or about three times the proportion of lesbians and bisexuals. 

Gay men also reported the highest rates of harassment and verbal abuse. And gay men and lesbians reported two to four times more housing and job discrimination than bisexuals. 

In the new study, survey respondents had an average age of 39. Most had attended some college. Two thirds were white, 16 percent black and 12.5 percent Hispanic.

Again, the obvious answer is yes, and you have to question the lies that keep coming from these people who claim to be religious.  Will this stop the White House from vetoing this?  Probably not, since this current government could care less about the people of this country.  But soon the Republicans will be out in 2008, and there will be a Democrat sitting in the White House, and this country will be in for a big, sunny change.  I can’t wait…


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