Are we seeing the end of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality?

As I mentioned yesterday, Peter LaBarbera has started to beg for money for his little non-profit organization that is run from his house.  He started tagging a message on the end of his posts about sending him $10.  Today, he is still doing that, but the begging for money occurs three times–both at the beginning, the middle AND the end of his post.  It sounds like desperation to me.  Here is what he has to say in the middle of the post:

Guys, Jesus was radical. He was a man’s man. If you can’t bring yourself to join Americans For Truth in confronting the homosexual lobby in the culture and public policy, then get out on the streets and witness the Gospel to people headed for hell in the name of “pride”

Anyway, in this particular post he showers accolades on the ‘Coach,’ whom he calls a ‘man’s man.’  Ew.  And I guess Peter LaBarbera wants to be seen as a ‘man’s man’ as well, since he picks up on some of the language used by ‘coach’:

Coach Dave is a man’s man, and his frank observations are, well, too gut-real for some even in the “pro-family” movement. American Christianity has been feminized, or perhaps emasculated — or even “psychologized” — to such a degree that we shy away from bold truth-telling. We rationalize our withdrawals from the culture wars, sometimes using theology to justify our cowardice.

So American Christianity has been ‘feminized,’ has it?  Notice that LaBarbera doesn’t say exactly what that means.  I suppose he doesn’t have enough donors anyway to worry about the remaining few women who might actually be giving their hard-earned money to this guy.  The title of his post is:

Coach Daubenmire Is Right: Christian Man, You Need to Observe a ‘Gay Pride’ Parade!

It doesn’t say ‘Christian Woman,’ but ‘Christian Man.’  I guess women are just too nice to be able to deal promptly and adequately with homosexuals.  That is what you need a man’s man for (which is what he calls Jesus as well)!  Besides, he seems to be only addressing men ("Guys, Jesus was a radical…").  And in another place he says:

Christian man and pastor: the future of America is in your hands. Are you willing to fight for the soul of this providential nation?

One wonders what his female guest writers have to say about that.  My guess is that he doesn’t care–a man’s man really doesn’t give a hoot what a mere woman has to say, does he???


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