A Heterosexual woman changed to lesbian because of feminism???

Peter LaBarbera is pointing people to an ‘article’ at WorldNetDaily.com about a professor.  The title of their article is:

Hetero woman: Feminism turned me into lesbian
‘I’d had a very happy marriage and a very good relationship with men’

I think maybe LaBarbera and the good people at WND should really read the article before putting it out there as a case against feminism.  What the professor is saying is that when she was involved with political causes, she met some lesbians.  Then she came out.  Big deal. 

LaBarbera and WND believe this shows that if women work at feminist causes, that will cause them to turn lesbian!  If anything Peter LaBarbera should really think about the implications of this article on his own life.  He has spent his entire adult life in all things gay and lesbian, including going to the Mr. International Leather contests and gay pride parades for years.  Do you see the parallels with Peter LaBarbera and Prof. Wilkinson?  I do.  And now we just have to wait for Peter to come to the same conclusion…


I’ve just written an email to Prof. Wilkinson in hopes that she will respond to this article in WND.

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