The Latest Lies from the Family Research Council

I just received an action alert from the Family Research Council and they have asked me to spread the word about the proposed Hate Crime Legislation.  So I thought I would take them up on their offer to spread the word!

You, Tony Perkins, are a liar and a bad liar at that.  Everyone should know about your racist history.  And everyone should know about your lies and the money that you make and beg for over these lies.

Here is the beginning of their alert:


Freedom. Liberty. Justice. Equality. These are a few of the cardinal principles our nation’s forefathers stood upon over 230 years ago as they resisted the oppression of British authority. Their fervent desire to guard the truths they held to be self-evident is why we celebrate our nation’s independence every Fourth of July. So what truly is independence in our nation today?

It is just enraging that this group would have the audacity to speak about freedom, liberty, justice and especially equality!  My god, this group has developed off the fact that it believes people are NOT EQUAL!  Tony Perkins and his hate group knows nothing, absolutely nothing about the founding fathers (except the fact that they owned slaves, and let’s not even get into his history of buying the mailing list of the KKK…). 

Like Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, the Family Research Council is using this ‘opportunity’ (i.e., lies) to get some money.  He thinks that sending him money will make sure that the hate crime legislation will not go through.  He thinks that lining his own pocket will help his followers in making sure that not all people are or remain equal.  If people send him money for that, then they deserve what they get–a racist bigot.  Period. 

And the biggest piece of crap this guy has spouted?

If hate crime laws proliferate, the independence we celebrate this July 4th will be limited to those who promote homosexuality. Please click here to order your copy of "Censoring the Church and Silencing Christians. Watch it and share it with your neighbors, family, and friends.

Tony Perkins KNOWS that hate crime legislation contains race (which I’m sure he would be happy getting rid of), religion and sex.  So to say that those ‘who promote homosexuality’ will be the only ones celebrating the 4th of July is pure idiocy.  Plain and simple.

The founding fathers knew about people like Tony Perkins and his group.  They knew the dangers of mixing religion with politics (which is why, even though they were Christians, they kept it out of the founding documents of this country).  They knew the dangers of people like Tony Perkins.  Thank god that they had the sense to make sure that our democracy would never, ever come under the control of someone like him.

There, Tony Perkins.  I’ve helped to spread the word about Hate Crimes and the part that you have played in it.  I hope you send me a ‘thank you’ note!  Happy 4th of July, Tony Perkins! 

If anyone would like to spread this news, go ahead and copy away!


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2 Responses to The Latest Lies from the Family Research Council

  1. Susan says:

    I was also thinking about Antony Perkins, the gay actor who "turned straight."  I signed your other petition. You write a fine blog. May I link you?

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey!  Of course you can link me.  And I\’ll do the same for yours.  As I said earlier, I really loved your Blog Against Theocracy essay.

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