DL Foster Orders His Followers Not To Have Discussions with Ex-Ex-Gays

Well, this is sort of true. The other day DL Foster complained that Mel White ‘ordered’ people not to discuss the bible with conservatives (if Mel White actually said anything, it was that people shouldn’t discuss the bible with people who weren’t really interested in constructive dialogue).  Today, in his great wisdom, DL Foster responds a bit more to Karen Keen (who originally wrote about Mel White and what got DL Foster all excited).  Karen had the guts to meet with those at the ex-gay Survivor’s conference.  Those who organized it put out an invitation to those in the Ex-Gay conference put on by Exodus.  In response to this, DL Foster writes:

That being said, your remarks are being debated around the blogosphere. Perhaps you were not aware that the organizers of the Beyondexgay conference were hoping for just that: controversy and disagreement over their beliefs and statement which would facilitate additional exposure. We would highly caution against future “dinners”.

Do you see the hypocrisy here?  DL Foster gets all excited that Mel White supposedly ordered people not to talk, and here you have DL Foster ‘cautioning’ against having ‘dinners’ (i.e. constructive conversation) with ex-gays!   As I have said, DL Foster really needs to concentrate on what he is saying and at least try to remember why he posted what he did.


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2 Responses to DL Foster Orders His Followers Not To Have Discussions with Ex-Ex-Gays

  1. Deb says:

    That’s the whole thing—–they want to avoid constructive dialog.  Not only that, the bible says to stop arguing over what ones believes to be true or not.    They are complete hypocrites.  I’ve decided to share, without engaging in arguments.  

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Deb!  I see that Christine was gleefully announcing that you had \’thrown in the towel\’ on arguing with her.  I wonder if she ever listens to herself?  She sounds like she is so bloated up with her own righteousness that she can\’t really understand what is going on.  And this was on the same day that Foster wrote what he did.  These people do not want real dialogue–they only want to be seen as being right.  Good luck to them!

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