DL Foster Silences Female Pastor

Considering all of DL Foster’s blathering about how straight he is (based on his extreme interest in all things gay and lesbian), and considering his ‘report’ from a couple of days ago, Foster is at it again.  This time his hate group sent a letter to the Evangelicals Concerned group when he flipped out hearing that Pastor Mary Emma Evans was going to speak.  He is upset that she has been involved in a gay Christian conference.  So he hates the fact that Mel White told people not to discuss the bible with people like DL Foster who can’t think straight and have a decent conversation about the bible, is now involved in his own campaign to silence those who differ from him.

Well, congratulations, ‘rev.’ Foster.  Your goal of silencing this woman worked.  Now pat yourself on your back and move on to the next one. 

This is an EXCELLENT example of why we must never allow this country to be run by these faux-religious fanatics.  Foster is so concerned that people think of him as a changed ex-gay, that he will stop at nothing to make sure that gays and lesbians have no any equality. 


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3 Responses to DL Foster Silences Female Pastor

  1. Susan says:

    Not to mention that they really have nothing to do with Christ–I think these are closeted cases who hate themselves.

  2. Kevin says:

    I think you are totally correct about them being not related to Christ.  They are more in it for themselves.  Foster desperately has to prove his straight manhood.  And why not?  He was a gay man for years.  Religion is one thing these people can fall back on because it takes away the responsibility of all those things they did to themselves (like drug abuse and unsafe sex and all the rest). 

  3. Deb says:

    Kevin, I totally agree with Enemy of the Republic—-they do hate themselves, or else they wouldn\’t focus so much of their time and energy trying to make us unhappy.    To me, they\’re the ones who are the lost souls. 

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