An Expert on the Gay and Lesbian Community

I am always surprised when someone who detests the gay and lesbian community seems to know so much about it.  Fortunately, people like this know more about what they believe to be true rather than what is true.  Here is a diatribe about the gay and lesbian community (I’ve decided not to give a link to the original post).  The numbers are mine:


What is meant by a homosexual community?
1.  I look at it as those who embrace, celebrate, and desire acceptance of a sexual behavior that is against God’s word (eternal truths) and is physically and spiritually destructive.
2.  It is a ‘community’ that wants the foundation of the traditional family completely destroyed. The very foundation that is the cornerstone for any society.
3.  It is the same ‘community’ that will make right and wrong obsolete and nothing more than a matter of opinion. Are all opinions of equal value?
4.  The same ‘community’ that believes two dads is as good as a Mother and Father.
5.  A ‘community’ that wants a relative understanding of sexuality to replace any absolute or Godly understanding. If it feels good, it is good.
6.  A ‘community’ that believes the acts of any consenting adults have no consequences on society.
7.  A ‘community’ that reaches far beyond any freedom to work, live, and privacy. In fact, one need not have same sex attractions to even be apart of this ‘community’.
8.  A ‘community’ where morality is an opinion, not a truth based in reality.
9.  A ‘community’ that desires to re-define the meaning of simple words like gay, marriage, hate and crime. I pull your hair and call you a fag = Crime. I read from the Bible and call it truth = Hate. Bob and Steve speak words of commitment in a man made chapel = Marriage. I celebrate that unhappiness which destroys the body and soul = gay.
10.  A ‘community’ that speaks about love and tolerance while hating and gagging those those who hold a different world view, especially a world view that has the audacity to claim right from wrong.
Two roads folks: God’s road or Your road. Yes, it is that simple.

No one is exempt. Life itself has always had God’s blessings and consequences built into all of it. For every act there is a consequence. That is life. That is God’s promise.

Thank you Lord Jesus for providing the way, the life, and the truth to all who come to your cross and lay it down!

I’ll respond to the points as numbered above.  I’m not going to address each and every one of them, because it really isn’t worth my time.

1.  The author is totally correct when he says: "I look at is as…"  This is clearly his opinion, which is far different from fact.  Having said this, I don’t think I need to say more.  But I will!

2.  I forgot that my duty as a gay man is to utterly destroy the ‘traditional family.’  Despite the fact that the traditional family has changed every so often, I assume this author is talking about a man, a woman, and a kid.  That hardly exists today and straight people are to blame.  Divorce is rampant and that has nothing to do with gays and lesbians wanting to get married.  This is as bad as a racist thinking that to allow a black person to vote ruins a white vote.  And "To Marry" does not belong to a religion.  Sorry.  Facts are facts. 

 4.  Scientific studies have shown that children of gay and lesbian parents are the same as kids in a straight marriage. 

5.  Not all gays and lesbians are Christian, and I don’t really care what any ‘Christian’ or someone in any other religion has to say or think about my relationship.  It is none of their business, although they seem to think that they can impose their religious beliefs on the entire population.  Sorry, this isn’t going to happen as far as I can help it.  Besides, there are so many problems with the biblical text.  I won’t even get into it since I have covered it many times before.

There is no need to discuss these other points.  It would just be a waste of time for me to do it.  This very same author stated "I want nothing to do with that kind of ‘community’ if I can help it."  If he can help it???  Well, I would think that would be pretty easy–just stop writing and thinking about the gay and lesbian community nearly every time you blog!  That is just like changing the channel when there is something that someone doesn’t like.  How hard is that?  Not very hard, at least for some of us.

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3 Responses to An Expert on the Gay and Lesbian Community

  1. Rob says:

    I like number 7 – isn\’t it awful that our community is welcoming to people who aren\’t even gay/lesbian?  We should really learn to hate/judge/discriminate more like the author.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Rob!  I was going to comment on #7 as well, but couldn\’t figure out a nice way to say what I was thinking!  I have to wonder if this person really knows what a community is, and wonder if he thinks he is part of any community?  I have a feeling he would say he is in the community of God, whatever that means…

  3. Kevin says:

    To \’John\’ who used my words in this blog and posted them at Chesterstreet under your own name–don\’t do it again.  You had no right to take my comments, almost word for word (you slightly changed two sentences).  If you can\’t think of your own comments, then that is your problem.  If you want to use my words, then quote me.  If you were one of my students, I would fail you for blatant plagiarism.  If I wanted to post my own comments at Chesterstreet, then I would have.  I didn\’t want to, so I did it here.

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