Michael Glatze–Ex-Gay (Soon to be) for Pay

Here we go again.  The other day I put a note up at Mark’s blog Chesterstreet.  I said that if Michael Glatze is really changed, then he would feel better if he paid back all the money he took from the gay and lesbian community when he seemed to be gay.  Apparently that remark did not go over that well with some who read Mark’s blog.  One woman in particular, named Christine (Christinewjc), didn’t like it at all and had this to say about me:


Kevin appears to be a man steeped in spiritual deception and delusion. he finds it "intolerable" when someone like Michael Glatze breaks free of such deceptive delusion (that Kevin obviously chooses to remain in), and speaks out against what he previously embraced. Therefore, along comes a blasphemer like Kevin to "speak abusively against whatever they [he] do [does] not understand."
Ed Hindson exposes their deception:
"The lure of false doctrine is that it presents itself as the truth. It appears as a corrective measure to established doctrine. It is propagated by those who are certain they have discovered some new revelation of truth or a better interpretation of old, established truth. Either way, they are convinced they are right and everyone else is wrong.
This is Satan’s oldest trick. He appeals to our self-conceit and leads us into self-deceit."

We will pray for you to be led to salvation in Christ, Kevin.

Clearly Christine is so enamored of herself that she has never taken the time to read what I have written about the subject.  I am not ‘steeped in spiritual deception and delusion’ because I am not a Christian, so spiritual deception is out of the question.  I have also never said it was intolerable that someone like Glatze might change.  I have said that I don’t like it when one of these ex-gays then take it on the road to scoop up some cash along the way by bashing gays and lesbians.  This is just what Glatze is doing.  That is not intolerable and Christine needs to take a bit of a break from her moralizing to do a bit of thinking.  A blasphemer?  Hehehehehe.   Christine is so puffed up in her own ego that she thinks she can call people names when she clearly doesn’t understand the word she speaks.  Like DL Foster, Christine is spending quite a bit of her time ‘studying.’  Good for her.  Now if she could just understand what she is studying, she would be all that better of a person rather than bloated on her own ego.  She is a good example of someone you cannot have a decent conversation with about religion, because she is always right.  Always.  🙂

Yes, pray for me Christine, and I will hope that you will lead yourself out of one of the oldest deceptions in the world.  And if you don’t know what I am talking about, mores the pity… 


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2 Responses to Michael Glatze–Ex-Gay (Soon to be) for Pay

  1. Deb says:

    You know better not to listen or believe this stuff from Christine or Mark.  Remember, they\’re more focused on the gay community than we are!!!   What does that tell you?
    All we can do is pray for Christine, that her obsession with the gay and lesbian lifestyle subsides.   Really.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Deb!  I do know better than to get tangled up in their obsessions, but sometimes I can\’t help myself, especially when they make it personal!  🙂

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