The Newest Recipient of the Gay Christian Movement Watch Goes To…

…someone named Darlene Osborne.  She writes a truly mind-numbing article titled ‘Has God Changed His Mind About Homosexuality?’  I say ‘mind-numbing’ because there is nothing new in this article.  It is a re-hash of the same old stuff.  When you see someone mention Lev. 18:22, you know there is nothing new.  She even has the courage to use one of the dumbest statements I have ever heard:

God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.

Well then, where did Steve come from if God did not create him?  🙂  Maybe Darlene and DL Foster can tell us where the wife of Adam and Eve’s son came from–there is absolutely nothing about the various wives being created either.  They just go out and find them.  Maybe God created more than just two people at the beginning?  Maybe this creation story is just that–a story?  Maybe the point is that God created people, of which Adam and Eve are just examples? 

She also says:


Please people, those of you who

are over into error on this important issue, take note. Homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of God. God wants you to repent and turn away from your wicked lifestyle. Perhaps you’re not gay but you support your gay Christian friends. Same thing goes for you, repent and turn back to God. As a Christian you must stand on what the bible clearly says. Homosexuality is not of God and those involved in this lifestyle need to be delivered.

Do you think that Darlene Osborne and DL Foster have read about all the other abominations out there, and do you think that they are calling for people to repent and turn away from those who are divorced (after all, God HATES divorce)?  Or will these people call on people to repent and turn away from Egyptians who eat with Jews (Gen. 43:32)?  That is an abomination as well.  I doubt these people would call on their followers to do that.  Thus they pick and choose biblical verses they decide fit with their world view. 


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