Off to Grandmother’s House We Go

Tomorrow my mom and I are going to see my grandmother and grandfather.  We’ll stay at their old farmhouse until Friday morning.  I am really looking forward to it.  I haven’t seen my grandmother and grandfather since last May.  And before that, it was about ten years.  Mind you, this had nothing to do with me.  They cut me off because I am gay.  Strange, considering I tried to spend as much time at their house in the summer when I was growing up and even into college I would go down for a bit.  It was always fun.  The house was big and old, the farm had a pond and we would spend endless hours swimming away (we always had to wait at least 1/2 hour after eating because of those mythical cramps).  I couldn’t think of a better thing to do than float with my fins and snorkel and watch the fish and what we called seaweed.  I always hated the fish, thinking that they would bite–but they never did.  And it didn’t help when my grandmother took some of the grandkids to a drive-in movie and watched Jaws!  She really did have a sense of humor and I have to wonder if she was hoping this would scare us out of the pond.  It never worked!

Anyway, we are off tomorrow.  My grandfather barely recognized me last May.  He has Alzheimer’s Disease and now I am certain he wouldn’t remember me.  He thinks my mom is his sister.  And he is now in a nursing home since my grandmother, who is in her 80’s and nearly blind, couldn’t take care of him on her own.  So we’ll visit him and then on Friday we are driving north a bit to visit with my aunt, my dad’s sister.  I didn’t get a chance to see her last year since I was only in Michigan for a week and the one day we could go she had to work.

So it should be a good trip. I’ll be sleeping upstairs, which I am a bit excited about.  I haven’t been upstairs in the farmhouse since I was in my late teens.  I can remember it, sort of.  And I know that down a short hallway is the dreaded attic.  Which I never saw the inside of, but certainly thought about quite a bit when I was growing up.  One of the bedrooms also has a door in the ceiling, and I remember thinking that a coffin was hidden up there for the vampires.  Anyway, it will be fun to get up there and see how much it has changed from what I remember.  I’m also hoping the barn is open so I can get a look upstairs as well. We weren’t allowed to play up there.

It will be a chance to match up childhood memories with how things are now.  It should be a good trip. 

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