Religious Persecution

I am totally convinced that the gay and lesbian community needs to start making noise about the religious persecution that is going on in this country against gays and lesbians.  I have never liked the word ‘homophobia’ because I have my doubts that people are actually ‘afraid’ of gays and lesbians.  If anything we need to start calling all of these anti-gay laws that are sweeping the country religious persecution.  We shouldn’t fool ourselves–the only reason there are all of these anti-gay marriage laws is because of religion.  I wrote yesterday about yet another anti-gay activist who is using the ‘God created Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve’ statement.  Laws are then created based on these religious creation story against those who do not believe in that particular story.  This is religious persecution, plain and simple.  I think that the numerous gay and lesbian organizations need to start pointing this out in their nationwide organizations. 

I fully believe that people should be able to practice whatever religion they choose, and even if they choose not to have a religion.  But the Constitution protects those who do not want a religion and it should protect those who do not from those who choose to believe.  When a religious idea is used against a group of people and forced on the population (like these anti-gay laws based on the Bible) then that is religious persecution.  We need to fight back tooth and nail against these religious zealots.  Religion is important, but it should not be used to force certain ideas on the entire population.  Not everyone is interested in living under religious law, by the way.  If people want to think that gays and lesbians are sinners–that’s fine.  Don’t have anything to do with them and preach away.  But stop creating laws to back up your religious beliefs, because one day you won’t be in the majority…

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One Response to Religious Persecution

  1. Deb says:

    That’s the whole thing——“religion” and the set standards that make up “morality”.   For years religious fanatics have persecuted us, and that’ll never change unfortunately.  They say that it’s all “gay theology” once we start defending our views and beliefs.   
    You’re right- homophobia is the wrong word to use.  They’re not afraid of us, or they wouldn’t be out on the streets trying to belittle and shame us, screaming, “God hates fags!”   
    It’s sad that they hate in the name of God, isn’t it?

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