Blogging for fun

Why do I blog?  Until Nov. 2005, I had never heard of the word ‘blog’ and had no clue what it meant or what the letters stood for.  That is until we met Tim and Tony at Balancing Boyfriends.  Tim told me he kept one, and as soon as I read his, I knew I was hooked!  In the beginning I mainly concentrated on anti-gay things that relate to the Bible, since I am really interested in early Christianity (up through the 9th century).  But after a while I realized that this was a good way to keep in contact with friends and family. So in our last Christmas cards I included my blog address and invited everyone to start their own.  My sister was the only one to take the bait, but at least I tried!  But I know that friends and family read it all over the world.  I just received an email from one of my Australian students (hi Walter!) who is still keeping up with it.  So I don’t want this to be one big rant against all of those anti-gay activists. Sometimes it just gets to be too much reading things by DL Foster and Peter LaBarbera and all the rest.  So I blog about going to the zoo (here is my favorite picture):




I blog about my garden and I blog about my favorite cat in the whole, wide world–Zak.  He is the sweetest thing (next to Doug, of course), on the planet.  🙂


But I will still blog about people like Foster and LaBarbera.  So if for some reason someone doesn’t like reading about my trips to the zoo, or my garden, or my cat, that is o.k.  It doesn’t really matter all that much to me, since I don’t just write for all people–I write only for myself and if others want to read it (and they seem to want to read it since I now get between 1000-1500 hits a week), then that it great.  I like hearing from people.  I just wish that Microsoft would make it a bit easier to leave comments without having to sign up for a Hotmail account!

Anyway, now I need to go off and read the usual anti-gay blogs and hope that something pops out for me that is interesting to write about.

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2 Responses to Blogging for fun

  1. Susan says:

    Have you seen the site  God Hates Fags by the Kansas nutjob, Fred Phelps? If you want to either laugh or be sick, I will get you the link. An even funnier one, not anti gay, is about Christian marital discipline–how husbands are supposed to spank their wives when they misbehave. Really! It\’s so nuts out there.

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey!  I don\’t think I can stomach Fred Phelps!  I saw a movie at the S.F. Gay and Lesbian Film Festival on his family and it was pretty disturbing.  But I would love to see the website on Christian martial discipline…

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