Gay Christian Movement Watch and Hypocrisy

DL Foster really has his hands full trying to prove his heterosexual masculinity by continually bashing gays and lesbians.  He can’t stand the fact that there are gay Christians.  He thinks this cannot be because of all the problems with homosexuality and the Bible.  His latest statement shows this (I’ve taken out the links):


Neil, at 4Simpsons Blog has just completed an excellent analysis of the twisted maze called progay theology. Neil noted something that we have said many times over: there is little convincing gay christians and their allies to use the Bible as a point of standard authority.
Neil writes: “To have a rational discussion on the verses referencing homosexuality you have to convince people in this group that the Bible is reliable and authoritative first. And that may be impossible.”
We found this out recently when we mistakenly took a BeliefNet forum on “Homosexuality and Christianity” to be a place to maturely discuss problems with progay theology.

So Foster thinks there can’t be gay Christians?  Well if that is the case, then there cannot be divorced Christians, since God hates divorce and Jesus himself forbids it.  And there cannot be lying Christians (which would pretty much decimate the ‘Christian’ community) since there just so many liars out there–the recent Hate Crime legislation debate has shown that clearly. 

If you look at the list of the six things that God hates and  the seven abominations (Proverbs 6:16-19) you will not find homosexuality listed.  If you look at the Ten Commandments, you will not find homosexuality listed.  But that does not stop people like DL Foster from attacking gay Christians who he claims cannot really exist.  He claims to want to use the Bible as ‘a point of standard authority’ but refuses to look past the few verses that discuss homosexuality. 

DL Foster does not want a ‘mature discussion’ that is related to gays and lesbians.  He has a mission, which is to prove that he is no longer one of them and because of that, he conclusions will need no discussion, let alone a mature discussion. 


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