A Spanish Judge and His Confusion Over What “Choice” Is

I see at 365Gay.com that a judge in Spain has ordered  a woman to become heterosexual in order to keep her children.  The judge lists a couple of things that he thinks could harm a child, including ‘satanism.’  Oh boy–and this person is a judge?  He also had some choice words over Spain’s law that allows gays and lesbians to marry.  It is good to hear that his ruling has been passed on to an Ethics board and that the entire ruling is being appealed.

Anyway, the judge (Fernando Ferrin Calamita) seems to think that this woman has a choice and that she can go back to being a heterosexual.  Talk about being confused!  The only choice that woman had was whether or not to be open about how she really is.  She was married to a man and then came out as a lesbian.  More than likely she was a lesbian to begin with and was under the impression that she had to pretend to be straight in order to have a ‘good life.’  Then she decided to be open about who she was.  Good for her.  I imagine that the judge’s ruling won’t stand in a higher court. 

Being a good parent has nothing to do with sexual orientation.  This has been shown in real research studies (as opposed to say, Paul Cameron’s junk science articles).  The law of Spain seemed to think that she was a good and acceptable parent when she was married (and a lesbian), but now that she isn’t married to a man and is an open lesbian, she isn’t?  It doesn’t make too much sense, if you ask me.  It is all based on religious persecution.  I hope she can come to a good agreement with her husband and that the children can continue with their lives outside of all the court battles. 

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