There has been some news lately about the mayor of Fort Lauderdale, Fl who is making a big stink about supposed illegal sex at parks and beaches–of course by gay men. 

What I find more interesting is the fact that some people are obsessed about this story–but they never seem to mention that the police of Fort Lauderdale state that there have been no arrests for this behavior.  So it is all hype and a bit of political theater for those ignorant masses of people who think that gay men just love having sex in park toilets and beaches.  Take for one example Stacy Harp.  On July 24 Stacy actually made a video to have people call in their support of Mayor Jim Naugle. Then on July 25, Stacy made another video (an updated version of her previous work) and titled her post "Homosexual Activists Continue to Attack Mayor Naugle).  One part of this video states:

Who is Trying to Stop Him?  Militant Homosexual Activists, who support illegal sex in public bathrooms!!!

While I won’t comment on this little love-fest that Stacy is having for the Naugle, I will comment on what she had to say above.  I challenge Stacy Harp to find on ‘militant homosexual activist’ who is against Naugle because he/she supports ‘illegal sex in public bathrooms.’  Come on Stacy, put your mouth where your video is!  I want to know who supports illegal sex in public.  What Stacy doesn’t get is that people are against Naugle because he unfairly portrays gays and lesbians in his little witch hunt (which by the way the accusations are totally unsupported by the police, as I said above).

Then today, July 26 Stacy makes yet another video (one wonders if she is trying to get a job with this mayor?) titled Mayor Naugle Awarded Protector of the Family Award.  She didn’t say who gave him this ‘award.’

And again on July 26 she makes another post on her dear mayor "Mayor Jim Naugle Refuses to Apologize to Homosexual Activists."  Here she refers her readers to another video (not made by her, surprisingly enough).

And not to be outdone, Peter LaBarbera is all excited over Mayor Naugle as well. 

What really upsets Stacy and Peter is the ‘Flush Naugle’ campaign.  Here is a poster of this:


Stacy thinks that people who are supporting this support illegal sex in public bathrooms.  However, if Stacy would stop swooning over Naugle and actually read what these ‘militant homosexuals’ have to say, she might actually begin to think about it.  Here is what Matt Foreman, of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, had to say about Naugle when he went to a rally in Fort Lauderdale (and try as you might, you won’t see Matt Foreman–a leader of these ‘militant homosexuals’–supporting illegal gay sex in bathrooms!):

"I am here today because Mayor Naugle’s shameful words and deeds are not only an egregious insult to Ft. Lauderdale’s lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and all decent people in Broward County – they defame all gay people coast to coast.

"Today, he exponentially increased the damage through his frankly shocking, patently false, and bigoted remarks. They are utterly unacceptable coming from anyone, anywhere, anytime. But for them to spew from the mouth of the mayor of a great city with one of the largest gay populations in the nation, a city where gay and lesbian tourists pump $1 billion into the local economy each year is beyond imagining. But that’s the reality we face today.

"Sadly, Mayor Naugle’s comments do more than embarrass any thinking person. They are a stain on the entire city, and even worse, they incite violence and discrimination here and wherever they are heard.

"The only way to begin to overcome this blot and to avoid greater community and economic harm is for every city and county elected official and every civil and religious leader to immediately and unequivocally denounce the Mayor’s remarks, and that certainly includes a vote of censure and repudiation by the City Commission. The mayor must be treated for the bigot that he is and not be welcomed at any event where good people gather. Anything less will not suffice."

Here is another list of ‘militant homosexual leaders’ and their friends who spoke out against Naugle, but did not say anything about supporting illegal sex in toilets:

* Michael Albetta – President of GLBT Democratic Caucus, Vice-President of the Dolphin Democrats
* Ken Keechl – Broward County Commissioner
* Matt Foreman – Executive director of The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
* Mitch Ceasar – Chairman of the Broward County Democratic Party
* Lori Parrish – Broward County Property Appraiser
* Carlton Moore – Fort Lauderdale City Vice-Mayor
* Diana Wasserman-Rubin – Broward County Commissioner
* Mike D Payne – Vice-President of Longshoremen’s Local #1526
* Howard Simon – Florida Executive Director of the ACLU
* Nadine Smith – Executive Director Equality Florida
* Stacy Ritter – Broward County Commissioner
* Durrell Watkins – Senior Pastor of the Sunshine Cathedral
* Andrew L. Rosenkranz – Florida Regional Director from the Anti-Defamation League
* Scott Newton – Mayor of Wilton Manors
* Rabbi Greg Kanter – Jewish Light
* Suzanne Boisvenue – Oakland Park City Commissioner
* Stephan Lampasso – Chairman of Human Rights Campaign Florida Committee

So Stacy, either prove that these ‘militant homosexual’ leaders support what you say they support (and I want to either read it or hear it) or apologize and change your video. 

And I hope that Mayor Naugle doesn’t become the next Ted Haggard…


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