Take This, American Family Association!

I see that Ford, the target of the American Family Association’s ‘boycott’ has posted a surprise quarterly profit!  They made $750 million in the second quarter.  They had a loss of $317 million last year.  Their revenue rose to $44.2 billion from $41.9 billion last year.  Ford doesn’t expect to make a profit this year despite the good news.

Now I wonder what the American Family Association has to say about this?  I think they need to pray just a bit harder for their members to stop buying Fords.  Recently they commented on yet another gay pride parade that Ford had sponsored.  Ouch, that must really hurt.  My guess is that the American Family Association will just push this ‘boycott’ under the rug because clearly it isn’t working (and Ford’s problems were never related to this boycott anyway). 

Unfortunately this means that the AFA will now move on to another company that is having financial problems so that they can be made to look as if their action alerts really do have an impact. 

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