Racial Profiling, Name Calling, Part 2

It looks like I’ve whipped up a hornets nest over at independentchristianpatriot.  My decision to argue against racial profiling has resulted in me being called a number of different names (so I can relate, Stacy!), all by such sweet Christians.  Ah, the price of fighting for what is right…

When we last left off Robert told me to take my head out of my ass.  🙂

Then he accused me of being a coward for reposting his little discussion over hear at my blog.  A coward?  Whatever would he call me a coward for reposting my own words?  I had more to say, and I’ll say as much as I want–isn’t this the land of free speech?  🙂 

Besides, I am happy to post his words far and wide, especially about racial profiling..

He states:

Kevin once again you have proven yourself to be a coward, by reposting this on your blog.
Which is fine, because I have taken some steps to take care of that problem.

July 27, 2007 7:57 PM

Now I don’t know what steps he can take, but I eagerly await what might happen.  Maybe my computer will mysteriously blow up.  Maybe Satan will make a visit later.  Maybe nothing will happen except a gust of hot air blowing by.

He goes even further in his nonsense:

Robert Bayn said…

Kevin, and those like him, come here and other blogs, to whine about everything, like little prissy girls, I guess because they have nothing better to do. Kevin is the worse of them, because he goes and re-posts everything on his blog, like some sort of troll, but that is being handled through the proper avenues.
The sad part here is, the far left always seems to condone criminals and those doing illegal things, why trying to create as much obstacles as they can to stop law enforcement from enforcing laws. The far left never ceases to amaze me, maybe people like Kevin would care, if these illegals were killing Homosexuals when they came over. Unlike his adulterous Mayor and his sin loving city, the rest of us in the real world, say that laws matter, and coming to American through the proper channels, matter. This is what level headed sane people do, and think, however the far left is incapable of producing sanity or a rational thought when it comes to any subject, that is becoming more clear, everyday to me, especially when I deal with these nut jobs like Kevin.

July 27, 2007 8:45 PM


When ‘he deals with me’?  Is that what he is doing?  I guess this prissy girl can handle what comes from him.  And I am the worst of those who whine about everything? I take that as a compliment, especially since no sane person would actively promote racial profiling.  And Robert should really read what I had to say in the first place–the discussion that I left was not about illegal vs. legal.  It was about racial profiling.  There is a difference, which he and others who left their nasty comments don’t quite understand.  I can’t help but read Robert’s comments and think of what it is really like for black people in the south, for Latino people in the southwest who have to deal with racism on a daily basis.  And I guess after all my work of finding a number of different definitions for racial profiling for him, he didn’t even thank me!  How thoughtless and impolite. 

And for such a good little Christian, he has such a potty mouth:

Robert Bayn said…

Dumb ass about sums him up the best.
No fries!
Having to eat my Mom’s cooking is punishment enough for now!

July 27, 2007 9:13 PM


And despite my better judgement, I left this comment:

So you have a problem with me reposting this material? Why is that? You’ve blocked my comments before, so I will post what I want just so I have a record of it. And that makes me a coward? I guess I will have to file that in with being called leftist, militant homosexual, dumbass, little prissy girl (now that is a first!), troll, nut job. Yawn.

Actually Robert, I do have better things to do than read and comment on your blog. But when I see comments like yours, I-just-can’t-help-myself!

I am looking forward to hearing what steps you are taking to prevent this. I’ll copy this to my blog and see what happens.

Why ‘despite my better judgement’?  Today I read a scary thing in the newspaper, and it reminded me that I really should be careful with who I have these little debates with! 

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