Gay Kiss-in at the Coliseum

I wish we were going to be in Rome on Aug. 2! is reporting that two men have been arrested for lewd conduct for kissing in the Coliseum.  Strangely enough, no straight people have been arrested for kissing in public (and I’ve seen some pretty lewd behavior by straight people…).  Anyway, it is causing a bit of an outcry and there is going to be a gay kiss-in at the Coliseum on Aug. 2 in protest.  Ah, to again be in Rome in the summer….

I’ve been trying to twist Doug’s arm to convince him we should go to Italy again (not that he needs to have his arm twisted to go to Italy!).  We have some Australian friends who might be going next summer and it would be great to go to Rome and meet up with them. 

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3 Responses to Gay Kiss-in at the Coliseum

  1. tim.state says:

    Hi Kevin! Check out <a href="http://">my blog today</a>. Our posts practicaly mirror each other!

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Tim!
    I like your post better–it shows some lewd conduct of those heterosexuals!  However, I thought that tongue picture was a bit too much!  🙂

  3. Rob says:

    I was really surprised to read about this – Italy (barring the vatican) has a pretty decent reputation.  It definitely sounds like the couple deserves an apology – at least.

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