Some Good Christian Priestly Behavior

I just saw the most sickening video I have seen in a while (it was filmed about a year ago).  I first saw it mentioned on Chesterstreet, where Mark gives his full support to this rabid Catholic priest.  He even thinks these kids should be beaten and their jaws broken.  In the video you will see that priest strike one of the kids (they were guilty of skateboarding on church property).  You will hear him yell racist comments and tell some of these kids that they don’t belong in Australia.  My god!  This is supposed to be a representative of the Christian church?  I hope that the Church fires this so-called priest, de-frocks him and sends him packing.  What a disgusting example to set.  I wonder how many of these kids will actually want to become Christian, or priests after that little racist tirade? 

And imagine what the outcome would have been if that priest had quietly asked those kids to stop skateboarding on the church property?  Or if he had just called the police instead of acting like a lunatic?

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