Am I ‘sensitive to racism’?

Damn right I am.  I see that Mark at Chesterstreet wondered what I would think knowing that someone named Adam Kautz was writing at Joe Brummer’s Replace the Lies with Truth.  Mark asks:

"I know how sensitive Dr Kevin is to racism, I wonder what he’ll think of this Adam?"

I’ve left a comment at Mark’s blog, and I won’t repeat too much of what I said there, except that I reminded Mark that I have never ever gave my support to anyone who said anything racist or who advocated violence.  I reminded Mark of his post from yesterday and his full support for that racist, violent Catholic priest in Melbourne.  I see that Mark took this post down.  I’m glad he took it down. 

I guess a good question to ask back is ‘Who isn’t sensitive to racism?’  That seems like the better question to ask.  This past week I have had to deal with some pretty racist comments about racial profiling.  I got called plenty of names by people for arguing against that racist practice.  I got called names by a person who today calls Adam Kautz ‘a racist scumbag’, the very same person who was all for racial profiling.  Go figure.

I will continue to post things at Joe Brummer’s site, regardless of who else is posting.  I believe what Joe is doing is the right thing. 

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