Australian Government and Gay and Lesbians

As most of you know, I absolutely love Australia.  We lived there for seven years, we bought a condo there (which we still have) and Doug is an Australian (and an American citizen).  I am still homesick even though it has been nearly two years since we moved back to the U.S.

Anyway, the Prime Minister, John Howard, is good friends with our current president, so I’m sure that all of you can figure out his political leanings.  But the difference between Howard and Bush is that Howard really lets people know his feelings on gays and lesbians.  And not only does he let his feelings made known, he puts them into law.  A good example is that while we were there, and while the anti-gay marriage scare was going on here in the U.S., Howard and his government made gay marriage illegal.  No discussion.  No anything. 

And now I see on that the Australian government is moving to make sure that gays and lesbians cannot adopt children from overseas!  As the article states, this shows that Howard and his gang thinks that little children in orphanages, who usually have little care or education or love, are better off in an orphanage or on the streets than with loving parents.  How is that for a smack in the face and a bit of hate thrown in? 

The good thing about this is that there is an election coming up and Howard, who has been Prime Minister way too long, will probably lose.  Then we will see some real movement forward in terms of equality for gays and lesbians.  I hope that if that ‘law’ passes, it will be overturned as soon as the next government comes to power. The same will happen here in this country.  We just have to hold out a bit longer…

And I do want to say that I am so happy for our Australian best friends Lewis and Shane.  They are working with a woman here in the U.S. and she will soon be giving birth to twins!  They will be their biological children (she will not be the biological mother), so Howard won’t be able to step in and deny these children a visa to come into Australia. 

Here is a ‘stitched’ picture that I took from our balcony in Sydney.  Way beyond the new building that was going up are the Blue Mountains.  We could sit in our living room and watch the storms over the mountains.

view from livingroom

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