Singapore is a Good Example of What We Can’t Allow Here

So many anti-gay activists have jumped on the bandwagon stating that their free speech will be stifled if the Hate Crime legislation goes through.  This is a giant lie and anyone who believes it should really take a good look at themselves.  At the very least, they should read the legislation.  I still don’t see KKK members being rounded up and put in jail because of their racist speech, even though race has been on the hate crime legislation for decades.  That is why no Christian will be rounded up and put in jail because of their anti-gay religious speech.  It just won’t happen.

Singapore shows us the dangers of letting these anti-gay people take control of the issues and take control of governmental policy. reports on this today.  The government has refused to allow a book reading of an author AND stopped a LGBT human rights forum to happen.  The forum is called ""Sexual Orientation in International Law: The Case of Asia."  It was deemed ‘contrary to public interest."  (It is really contrary to the government policy of persecuting gays and lesbians)

The police also closed down a photo exhibit because it showed gay men and women kissing.  The people kissing were fully clothed.  The article ends with this note:

"Last year Singapore announced plans to decriminalize oral and anal sex for adult heterosexuals but sex between homosexuals would remain banned."

Why is it banned?  This is religious persecution, plain and simple.  When these anti-gay activists who are working so hard here in the U.S. to prevent gays and lesbians from getting married, remember what is happening in Singapore.  Or who are working so hard to prevent gays and lesbians from adopting.  Or who are making sure that gays and lesbians can be fired from their jobs, or tossed out of cafes, or tossed out of hotels and apartments just for being gay, think of what is happening in Singapore and here in the U.S. as well.  We cannot allow our society to be taken over by a bunch of religious fundamentalists who would take their religious beliefs and make them the law of the land.  That is religious persecution.  This has already begun, but we must try and stop it.  People can have their religious beliefs, but when they are forced down the throat of every single American by law, then that is where we must put our foot down. 

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