This Weekend

I was planning on doing a post on Christians and doing good, but now that I think more about it, I think it would be pointless.  There is an interesting discussion of this at Joe Brummer’s blog.  Someone said:  "Christ had no interest in making the world a better place, nor do I. He came to save us. He offers us hope. You cannot be of Him and of the world."

I was a bit floored by that statement.  It seems reckless and a bit dangerous and ignores the message of Christ and the history of Christianity.  Not dangerous to this person, but dangerous to all the rest of us who believe that we are trying to make the world a better place.  Looking at the comments, it all comes down to word games.  To do something good, which is what Christ commanded, is to make something better.  To feed the poor makes the world better.  Now for some, apparently, this does not make the world a better place.  But it makes the person doing it better and therefore they become worthy of Christ’s salvation.  The only reason they say they feed the poor is not to help the poor, but to make themselves look better to Christ.  That seems a bit selfish if you ask me if all they are interested in is their own butt, but I guess I don’t care all that much as long as the poor get fed.  The poor will see it as a good thing, and the rest of us will see that feeding the poor makes the world better.  This type of selfish thinking reminds me a bit of these people who give their money to non-profits, but only if they can get a tax break.  

I think that the belief that Christ came to not make the world better or that Christians are not interested in making the world a better place is only found in a tiny minority of Christians (who of course believe that they are the true Christians).  And the work of trying to make the world a better place just got a bit more heavier, since there are some who refuse to pull their own weight.  If some aren’t interested in a good world, then the rest of us need to work just a bit harder to make sure that the slack is picked up.  

I can also see how this attitude affects some current situations, like global warming and some of the skepticism that comes out of the people who are on the right.  If they have no compulsion or belief that they have to make the world a better place, who really cares if people pollute the entire world–Jesus will come and save them regardless.  That is fine for them as they sit in their gas-guzzling cars and dump toxic waste wherever they feel or do whatevet.  But it is bad for the rest of us.

Anyway, I guess I really did have something to say about that!   Now, about the weekend:  

This weekend has been good so far, although today is so darned gloomy and misty it makes me want to move!  The sun was out for most of yesterday, but today it is just plain old dark and cool.  Sometimes I really hate the San Francisco weather…

Friday night we went out to a birthday celebration for our friend Brian and went out for icecream afterwards.  When we got home I watched Most Haunted (which I really love!) and Doug read the last book of Harry Potter.  Speaking of which, I finished that on Friday afternoon and loved it. 

Last night we went out to a place on Haight Street and had an o.k. time.  It was pretty empty when we got there and about midnight it was too full to really walk around and the music became too loud.  I don’t think we will go there again.  And today has been a bit slow.  We went to a Philippino brunch at a place down the street with Harvey and tonight our friend Michael is coming over for dinner.  Doug just biked to the bike store to pick up a few things he needs and will stop at Whole Foods to get some salmon and some veggies.  Like I said–it has been a slow Sunday!  The gloomy weather isn’t helping very much…

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3 Responses to This Weekend

  1. Rob says:

    We\’re having the same old weather here in Sydney… beautiful blue sunny skies. 

  2. Laura says:

    I havn\’t had a chance to read the last book, still working on the one before it.
    Mike and Steve read it the first week it was out.  They say it is good. 

  3. Kevin says:

    Hey Laura!
    I thought it was a good book for the last one.  I\’m really hoping it isn\’t the last one though!  And Doug finished it yesterday and loved it as well.  Tell everyone we said hi! 

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