A Parent’s Hate and Religious Persecution

I read something today in 365gay.com that just made me sick, and furious.  Two men had been together for 25 years and live in Indiana.  One of them had a stroke while in Atlanta.  When the other partner arrived at the hospital, the sick man’s parents had told the hospital to bar him!  The parents ended up stealing this 47 year old son, who had lived with his partner longer than he had ever lived with the people who are referred to as his parents.  He is now at their house and these ‘parents’ have blocked all contact with his partner.  The reason is clear–the mother thinks that homosexuality is a sin and apparently she has decided to become Jesus and save her son.  A court has said that he could visit, but that his care must remain in the hands of the people who stole him.  Indiana passed a law that does not allow any legal rights for gays and lesbians.

I have to say that if this ever happened to me (and it never would knowing our two families) I would resort to violence.  There is no way I would allow anyone, ever, to take Doug from me if he were incapacitated.  I could care less what a law that was passed by a bunch of religious bigots had to say.  This is religious persecution at some of its worst.  The law allows someone’s religious preferences (which is exactly what this is) to come in to a 25 year relationship and take control of this family.  Religion has done this and it is time to start saying that this is religious persecution.

This is a good reason for every single gay and lesbian to go out and get a will, a power of attorney and everything else legally possible until we get equal rights.  Don’t wait until it is too late.  Think about what you can lose if you don’t do this.  No one can tell me that those horrible parents are doing what is best for their son.  I would bet that their son knows what is going on and he absolutely hates them for it.  I couldn’t imagine being separated from Doug like that.  I would rather die.  Court or parents, nothing could keep me away from him.  Absolutely nothing.

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