Teaching Russian Orthodox Principles to Russian Youth?

A spokesman for the Russian Orthodox church is calling on the government to make sure that students in school get taught morals from none other than the Russian Orthodox Church.  Now I have nothing against teaching morals to kids–like be good to one another and be good citizens in school, but I do have a problem with the morals being religious ones, since everyone has their own brand of religion and of course, they all think they have the correct one.

What the Russian Orthodox church really wants is to stop the growing gay and lesbian movement in Russia.  Vsevolod Chaplin, the RO priest, wants to teach morals by:

We have to show them an unhappy homosexual in his 40s and an aging prostitute,” he said. “Otherwise, in 30 years our children will turn into animals influenced by the cult of glamour and debauchery.”

Really?  An unhappy homosexual in his 40’s?  How about showing them a happy homosexual in his 40’s–I’ll happily volunteer.  You can bet that the Russian Orthodox Church won’t be teaching about its own history and all of the religious wars that it took part in and all the rest.  No, just teach morals about one aspect and forget the rest. 

That is why many in Russia do not want the church to step in and take over aspects of education.  They know that this would be a mistake and they also know that it will be very one-sided.  That doesn’t sound like an education to me.

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