GayLeftBorg, Where Are You?

It is a big strange, but the other day one of my e-friends disappeared.  His email doesn’t work, his blog is gone, and he also took himself off another blog that he writes for.  If you are out there, GayLeftBlog, let us know what is happening.  We’re trying to find you!

As for Stacy Harp and her little tirade–she made a post called When Militant Homosexuals Attack


Here are some comments from some of the people who read her tirade, and you will recognize Robert Bayn, from IndependentChristianPatriot.  Notice he thinks that we folks (in the words of our current regime leader) thinks we hate ex-gays.  As usual, Robert is making himself out to be more important than he really is to all of us. We don’t hate ex-gays like you Robert.  Nor do we hate that you have found your version of the truth.  What we don’t like is that you have then decided that all of us should give up our friends, give up our families, give up everything just because you think you have found the truth.  Well, good for you.  But I’ll tell you something (and this goes for Stacy too), I’ve found the truth.  I don’t need yours.  I don’t need your religion or your beliefs in sin to make my life better.  That is it.  That is not hatred.  Tat is using my own reasoning instead of relying on something else.

Anyway, Stacy directs something directly to me:

It is fascinating, like I stated before that his blog is all of a sudden deleted from the website. Dr. Kevin Kaatz would be the first to say that GayLeftBorg pulled a “Stacy Harp” – wouldn’t ya Kev? Interesting.

Well, actually, pulling a "Stacy Harp" means that someone pulls a blog down when they are so embarrassed by what they have said that they decide to wipe out history and start over, fresh and clean, as if what they had said never occurred.  I don’t know if that is what GayLeftBorg has done.  There was no indication that he was embarrassed by what he said (as opposed to her total support for the ‘sex with babies’ comment).  Hopefully what will happen will come out soon.  In the meantime, I find it interesting what your readers have to say about all of this. Cao has said:

  • This is so sickening. I was reading The Pink Swastika which shows that the homosexuals have somehow managed to tell the Jews to move over at the Holocaust memorial…and include themselves as a persecuted group during the Nazi regime.

    That’s kind of interesting since – wasn’t it Herman Goering that liked to dress in women’s clothing in the evening and wear makeup?

    At any rate, you’re doing a great job over here, and you have a lot of courage, Stacy.

I would suggest to Cao to actually stop moralizing just for a moment to actually read history.  Nazis did kill and contain gays and lesbians.  That is a fact.  The Pink Swastika has been found to be so full of lies that no one of any worth uses it for history.  Gays and lesbians were persecuted, so like I said, take some time to get a real education on what happened in WWII.

  • John Comment: Aug 11, 07 @ 8:26 pm

    I think you are spot on when it comes to sharing how evil homosexuals are. Keep up the great work!

"Evil" homosexuals?  And you wonder why people like GayLeftBorg had so much to say.  When someone calls someone else ‘evil’, that begins a discussion that is never good.  Are you evil? Maybe question yourself–and you will understand why people do not like to be called evil.  Especially by someone who thinks that they are the chosen ones.

  • ChristianPatriot Comment: Aug 11, 07 @ 10:54 pm

    Boy talk about replacing the truth with LIES. Isn’t Adam the same guy who went on a racist rant against D.L. Foster? These folks not only hate Ex-Gays, but they make up lies about them, in essence because they hate God, and the truth that THOUSANDS of people have found in Jesus Christ!

    And Robert I have already dealt with.  Robert, speaking of racist comments, how are you doing with learning about racial profiling which you were so in support of?  I see you took your response down–is that because your lies and ignorance were shown?  Or is there another reason?

    Anyway, this is what happens when people like Stacy call people names, like Militant.  If by ‘militant’ she means those who tell the truth and expose the lies and hypocrisy, then I can see what she means by militant.  And by hypocrisy, I mean the Republican, Ted Haggard type…




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    2 Responses to GayLeftBorg, Where Are You?

    1. Rob says:

       I think "militant" means – people who have thought things through more than I have and now what I said seems ignorant and mean spirited and I don\’t like seeing myself in that light.

    2. Kevin says:

      Hey Rob.  You are definitely correct.  The only time these people say this is when you say something they don\’t like, or when you say something that they can\’t defend, and it degenerates to name calling.   

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