Hilary Clinton’s Comments on the Debate

I thought that I was all for Hilary Clinton being our next president.  I still might vote for her, but after hearing some of her comments in the debate about gay issues, I am having serious second thoughts.  Some of her statements were so totally spun, that they were verging on ridiculous.

Just look at how she responded to the issues of gay marriage, the Defense of Marriage Act (which she does not support now), and the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell mess:

Asked what was at the heart of her opposition to same-sex marriage, Clinton said, "I prefer to think of it as being very positive about civil unions."

While she enjoys support from many gay Democrats, Clinton also offered views contrary to gay rights advocates. She defended the initial creation of the Defense Department’s "don’t ask, don’t tell" policy during her husband’s administration, saying it was meant to ward off a "witch hunt" against gays in the military. She said she supports its repeal now.

Clinton also said the Defense of Marriage Act, which many gays oppose, had been a useful tool in defeating a proposed federal constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. She said she now supports repealing some parts of the Defense of Marriage Act.

I don’t know if these answers are actually something that she thought up all on her own, or if a team of people sat around trying to spin these horribly discriminating laws into something positive.  To say that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was useful to stop a witch hunt (which it definitely did not do) is like saying that slavery was a good thing because it kept black people safe from racism.  These comments are just totally ridiculous and if this is what she really thinks, then I am not sure I want to support someone who takes something that is legally bad and makes it sound like we should be grateful for these things.  Give me a break.

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