Why We Must Keep Fighting For Equal Rights

I don’t believe that it is safe for most gays and lesbians in the world–even here in the U.S.  As long as the argument is based on religion and forcing Americans to live under religious law (which is just what we are forced to do when people pass anti-gay laws based on religious beliefs), then the country as a whole is not safe.  There is nothing stopping these very same ‘chosen ones’ from passing laws against anyone they don’t like.  If you think you are safe, think again.

What brings this up is some comments of a deputy mayor in Treviso, Italy.  Here is what he said:

"I will immediately give orders to my forces so that they can carry out an ethnic cleansing of faggots," Gentilini told the station in an interview.

(His force of thugs?)  This is just a deputy mayor, and the sad fact is that this man was actually elected.  But luckily the people of Treviso are calling for his head (figuratively, in case you are wondering).  A good number of people who marched against this mayor are not gay, but straight.  If these comments aren’t promoting violence and hatred, then I don’t know what is. 

If the gay and lesbian community in the U.S. just lay down and take it from the religious right in this country, then this is what we will face.  Luckily most of us aren’t just laying down and taking it.  But we do have a number of people who, although they do not say the same thing as this deputy mayor, mean the same thing.  Laws that deny people basic rights such as housing and employment are doing the same thing.  Those who use their religious views to make religious laws in this country are doing the same thing.  They are trying to ultimately get rid of gays and lesbians.  To call gays and lesbians evil as we saw on Stacy Harp’s blog (in the comment section) is to promote violence and hatred.  To call anyone evil or call them disgusting sinners or sodomites or various other names is to promote violence and hatred.  The people calling these names think they are acting in the name of God, or in the name of religion.  They work to pass religious-based laws in this country based on their own narrow-mindedness.  They work to pass religious-based laws to erase gays and lesbians.  They promote disgusting lies like ‘a new trend with some gays and lesbians is sex with babies.’  They demonize the gay and lesbian population.  They think their religion is the best religion and they work to force everyone to live under their own religious beliefs. 

This is not what this country is about.  This is not what this country should be about.  Although the founding fathers were Christian, they knew the dangers of mixing religion with government.  They knew their history of the violent forces that were tearing apart Europe because one group of Christians believed they had the correct form of Christianity.  They wanted us to escape that.

I don’t quite understand why the gay and lesbian argument isn’t focusing on the fact that this is really religious persecution, but this is what all these anti-gay laws are about.  We need to keep fighting this.  Or else we can look forward to a mob of people like Deputy Mayor Gentilini taking over this country.  And it won’t take much to imagine what the outcome will be…

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2 Responses to Why We Must Keep Fighting For Equal Rights

  1. Joe says:

    These are some excellent points you have brought up, especially about religious persecution of gays and lesbians.  Between the remarks of this deputy mayor about genocide and the words of the religious "right", I must say I have grown scared.   Every human should feel safe in their world, but it is not safe for us anywhere.   At any given time, we could be the victims of a hate crime and loose our lives.    When people like Stacy Harp, Peter LaBarbera, Matt Barber and Stephen Bennett or even DL Foster are claiming gays are evil, gays are militant, gays are a threat, gays must find god and become straight.  Their ultimate goal is clear to me.   They want "no gays" on this earth.   They demand we repent, of course even if we do, if it isn\’t to their liking, it is not good enough.   You are correct this is religious persecution.It comes down to the same question over and over and over again.  The reason Stacy Harp, Peter, Stephen and Mr. Barber will not answer it, address it or debate it is because the answer puts their actions into the sunlight of justice.   Their arguments stop making sense and certainly stop holding water.  In the end they want "no more gays".   Whether we are dead, or repented, they just want us gone.

  2. Rob says:

    The only thing I would question is the idea that the founding fathers were christian.  Many of them believed in some form of god, but that is a far stretch to making them christian.  Several were quite anti-christian. 

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