GayLeftBorg2 is Back

A couple of us received messages from Gayleftborg this morning and he is back.  He just got tired of having to deal with people like Stacy Harp and others.  If you have read the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, you know that occasionally vampires need to just sleep for a long time to get back to a normal life (if being a vampire can be considered normal!).  I know the feeling.  Sometimes having to deal with these people is very draining.  I’ve been working on this blog for over a year and a half and most of it deals with the anti-gay crowd.  Fortunately for me I like religious history and I can see the parallels to what happened in the past with what is happening now.  So I don’t mind having to deal with them.  But occasionally I just need to post about other things just to even it a bit out. 


Anyway, although I don’t always agree with some of what he says (I rarely agree with 100% of what anyone has to say–even Doug!), I am glad he is back.  And it is always nice to be able to show that even though Stacy was ecstatic that GLB pulled a ‘Stacy Harp,’, that was not the case at all. 

One other thing about all of this.  GLB found it disturbing that Stacy would send his comments to Joe Brummer.  I find it interesting that Stacy has not dealt with the comment that was left on her post about exposing the ‘evil homosexuals.’  What is interesting about that?  Clearly her readers believe that she is exposing the evil homosexuals, although Stacy says that she is not doing this.  But apparently her own words, read by her faithful readers, mean just what all of us also think…

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