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Last night I went out to grab some oregano and the first batch of cherry tomatoes from my small garden and the first thing that I could smell when I went outside was a fire.  A small apartment building caught on fire just around the block from us and the smoke was filling up our street.  I could smell the smoke inside as well.  There were 135 firefighters, six fire trucks and 4 ambulances on the scene.  Luckily no one was killed.  Seven were taken to the hospital.  It is scary to have a fire around here since there is rarely any space between buildings, since most of the houses here are old Victorians, one right after the other. 




I see in the paper this morning that there is yet another poll about the Iraq war (is it really a war–did we declare war on Iraq?).  6 out of 10 Californians want the troops out of there by the spring.  And before anyone who claims that this is a far left conspiracy to make sure Bush is defeated:

40 percent of California Republicans now favor pulling out some or all troops from Iraq and 30 percent want the Democratic-led Congress to pass legislation to require the president to do so.

Bush only has a 26% approval rating, the lowest continuous rating for any president in history.  Here is a bit more from that article:

Californians have long held deep misgivings about the Iraq war, but the new poll shows that a strong majority of voters are now convinced it’s time to get out of Iraq. The survey found 39 percent want to withdraw all U.S. troops and 26 percent would withdraw some troops. Only 18 percent of those surveyed would keep the current levels and 10 percent would send more troops.

The switch among Republicans is stark. Two years ago, 26 percent of state GOP voters supported withdrawing some or all U.S. troops from Iraq – now 40 percent support a pullout.

The finding is in line with a new CBS News poll, released this week, which found that 30 percent of voters nationwide favored removing all U.S. troops from Iraq, while 31 percent backed pulling out some. DiCamillo said the CBS News poll shows that the nation is now moving closer to Californians’ views on the war.


Some think that this shows that the ‘far left’ (whatever that means–sometimes it is said so many times that it begins to lose meaning) is against the troops or actually ‘hates the troops.’  Hate?  Whoever states this hasn’t really thought about the issues.  If the ‘far left’ (and now many Republicans–are they far left too???) really hated the troops, they would be trying to keep these troops in Iraq to put them in harm’s way.  But that is not why everyone with a bit of decency wants the troops to come home.  It has nothing to do with hate.  It has more to do with keeping the ones that are alive, alive.  It has more to do with keeping them safe.  If that isn’t supporting the troops, I don’t know what is.  No one on the left or the right ‘hates’ the troops.  To suggest such a thing is ridiculous.  No one in their right mind wants to this become Vietnam.  How many more Americans and Iraqis have to die because those in power here can’t accept that they made a mistake?  No one wants Iraq to fail.  But it is failing, whether we like it or not.  

I think those who want to speak their version of the truth about Iraq should actually join the military instead of being armchair quarterbacks telling the rest of us that we hate the troops.   If they want to show their support for the troops, head to the nearest recruiting center and join up (unless donating to certain campaigns is showing support for the country…).  Otherwise, let’s just all hope that most of the people involved in this ‘war’ make it out alive.

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