Peter LaBarbera and His Hatesite

Anyone who reads my blog knows who Peter LaBarbera is.  He runs his own little hatesite called Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (which was recently just misleadingly called Americans For Truth on his website–nowhere could you find the words ‘About Homosexuality’ until the banner was changed).  Peter, in a bit of a delayed response, finally read Stacy Harp’s blog.  He says:

There’s an interesting piece on Stacy Harp’s blog about the wacky homosexual fringe. Stacy’s a friend and a pretty smart cookie — she’s way too intelligent to think you can actually make any sense of the lunatic ranting of Joe Brummer, “GayLeftBorg,” Wayne (”Anything But Straight”) Besen, and other homosexual extremists. But hers is a worthwhile read to get a glimpse of the lies, hatred and outright nuttiness we have to endure from the homosexual Left.

Memo to Joe: for the twelve thousand, three-hundred and sixty-second time, we abhor violence against homosexuals, or anyone for that matter. (See my piece, “Stoning Homosexuals: Which is the Real Voice of Hatred,” contrasting how radical Islam and Biblical Christianity treat homosexuality.) … Anyway, click HERE for Stacy’s article.

So he thinks Joe is on ‘the wacky homosexual fringe’ and that he is a lunatic and an extremist, and a member of the homosexual left?  That is actually quite funny, considering that no one takes Peter LaBarbera seriously.  He is constantly trying to grab the attention of the media, but they always ignore him.  When he does get on the rare t.v. appearance, you can figure out why.  He begs for attention, but just can’t seem to get any (except from his friends at the Concerned Women for America and Stacy Harp). 

In case you have forgotten, it is Peter LaBarbera who makes it his lifelong mission to expose homosexuality.  He really has spent his adult life doing this.  He left one hate group to form his own.  And now he wants the attention he thinks he deserves for being a martyr for the cause.

I have to say that I have dealt quite a bit with Americans For Truth About Homosexuality outside of the blogworld.  I have contacted the IRS numerous times about the supposed 501(c)3 non profit status of the AFTAH and Peter LaBarbera’s political activism, which is a no-no for non-profits (at least to a point).  I’ve also contacted them about the misleading name that Peter LaBarbera had called his little hate group.  It appeared that Peter was worried that the mention of ‘About Homosexuality’ in his banner or his website would be enough to scare away potential donors.  But a new banner appeared with the full and correct name of his non-profit.  I also complained about the fact that he had listed his non-profit as a gay and lesbian organization that fought for gay and lesbian rights!  He claimed elsewhere that this label was given to his group by the government, but this is not true.  I see that in March of this year he changed the label and added a bit more information about his little hatesite.  I see no problem with keeping the IRS informed of what is happening at AFTAH.  I figure that since he has made it his own little non-profit, then there are laws that need to be followed to keep it a non-profit.  I encourage everyone who suspects cheating at a non-profit to contact the IRS. What the government does with that information is another story.

So Peter LaBarbera cannot be taken seriously when he complains about others being on the fringe.  You can see that he is very selective in the information that he doles out (just look at my post from yesterday).  He is absolutely obsessed with all things gay and lesbian, but for what reason?  He is not involved in the ministry.  Really, he is out to make a buck or two off the backs of gays and lesbians.  Luckily for us, his hatesite does not pull in the kind of cash he needs to support his lifestyle (but apparently it is enough to get him to and fro all of the gay bars, the leather festivals and the gay pride parades).  He thinks he is a messenger, but what he has to say is falling on deaf ears.  He has been crying wolf for a long time now and no one really takes him seriously any more (if they ever did). 

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