Terry Gabrich, Model Christian?

Yesterday Joe Brummer published some comments by a guy named Terry Gabrich.  They are pretty awful comments.  Here is just one:

Name: Terry Gabrich | E-mail: xxxxxx@sbcglobal.net | IP: | Date: Tuesday, August 14, 2007

You fail to realize that God will not be mocked. Homosexuality is punishable by death according to the Bible. It is a terrible offense to God and a terrible sin for the individual. When you consider that the average homosexual without AIDS’s has a life expectancy of 42, with AID’s the life expectancy is 39; I think that it is time to reconsider the type of lifestyle that one chooses. 97% of AID’s patients are homosexual, and 90% of homosexuals in San Francisco and New York have AID’s. As for hispanics, remember; they advocate killing whites. There is an Hispanic professor at the University of Texas at Austin that has said that the white race is getting old and feeble, and their dying out. We need to kill them; kill them all. There is also a black minister in South Africa that advocates killing all whites. He calls white’s, blue eyed white devils. Both these individuals advocate killing God’s chosen people. They will suffer the consequences. It is interesting that the worst enemy of a hispanic is another hispanic, and hispanics hate blacks and blacks hate hispanics. In Los Angeles California, Hispanics from La Raza are already killing blacks at random. The news broadcasts just aren’t reporting it. The slaughter will be hispanics on hispanics and blacks, and blacks on blacks and hispanics. It is already happening.

However, these sentences weren’t the worst of his loving, Christian comments.  Joe put up these comments because Peter LaBarbera put up some comments by a gay male, and acts as though all of us think like robots and think the same way.  Well, if that is the case, then I see that all Christians think like Terry Gabrich.  I did a quick search for Mr. Gabrich because I found his comments totally repulsive and wanted to know a bit more about this ‘christian.’  It turns out that Mr. Gabrich is an aspiring actor.  He was in the military service for quite a while (if you can believe what he says).  He has a profile here.  He claims to be a born-again Christian, which is truly horrifying if he actually believes in what he writes.  I am fairly certain that the Terry Gabrich who left those horrible comments at Joe’s blog is the very same Terry Gabrich who is looking for acting jobs.  You can see his photo here.  I say I am very certain it is the same person because his profile says he is from Illinois, was in the military, writes and sings.  His ‘About Me’ (in his profile) states:

I am single and retired; and currently working toward acting and singing as a career. I retired from working for the mental health center as a security officer for over 20 years. I am also retired from the military after serving with the Air Force for 4 years during the Vietnam War, the Air National Guard for four years, the 12th. Special forces (airborne) for 6 1/2 years, and finally 8 years with the National Guard. I have served in Iceland, three times in Germany, Suadi Arabia (6 mo.), and Alaska. I have jumped with Special Forces, Marine Recon. SEAL’s, Rangers, and with the Russian Spetnez in Russia.


His interests on his profile state:

Read, Singing, Acting, jogging, and physical fitness I have written 3 piano pieces, and I have ideas for others I have written a Nocturne, Prelude, and Waltz I have recorded two CDs, One Gospel and one Christmas I am looking toward getting back into the studio to redue these CDs

In his acting website (where he is advertising himself for work as an actor) he states that his additional skills are:

Singer (Gospel, Easy Listening, Back-up), Vocal Range: Bass/Baritone (Low F to E flat Major), Arrange music, Write Piano Pieces, Martial Arts, Airborne Operations, Infantry Tactics, Special Forces Tactics, Scuba Diving, swimming, Athletic.

Sounds like the same person.  And naturally he is very white looking, but that isn’t surprising considering his comments above (he thinks whites are ‘God’s chosen people’).  Can you imagine having to work with someone like this guy?  Can you imagine hiring him?  What a nightmare he would be.  Let’s just hope that he is only looking for acting jobs with whites–because he will certainly not get along with anyone but those who have glowing white skin…

He also has his own blog, titled A Christian Perspective.  Here is part of his last blog entry from July 27 (and you will recognize some of his comments that he left with Joe):

So now were coming on an election year, and I suppose none of you know that the election machines that you are going to be using are rigged. Wait a minute!!! you’ve got the right to express your opinion, after all we live in a free country where you can walk and talk; and say just about anything you want to say unless your white. Oops, sorry, that just came out. When you consider that a black minister in South Africa is preaching the killing of whites in that country, and they need to get rid of those blue eyed devils, as he calls them. You kind of wonder who is really racist.
There is an Hispanic professor at the University of Texas at Austin that says that whites are getting old and feeble, and their dying out; and we need to kill them, kill them all. Ah, but this isn’t racist. If I said the same thing about blacks, hispanics, or any other minority I’d be in prison packing fudge for a very long time. Again, you wonder who is really the racist here. Little do these two know, that they are speaking out against God’s chosen people. By doing this, they are speaking out against God; they will face the consequences. I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes because God will deal with them harshly. Eternity is a long time, now is not the time to be stupid. Whoa to them that call good evil and evil good. Doesn’t Jesus Christ say this, but for some reason we don’t listen.
So now we come up to another election year, and look at the field. You have a hybrid (Obama), a lesbian (Hillary), and a tranvestite (Guilliani). Neither one is qualified to be president. God doesn’t want the white race to be ruled by a hybrid (he will support every other race but the white race), a lesbian (a direct violation of the scriptures and Godly principles. She’s in a perverted lifestyle that is full of diseases), a transvestite (Guilliani is in direct violation of the scriptures. God condemns men wearing women’s clothing. I guess it’s ok for John Travolta to wear women’s clothing in the movie "hairspray," after all he’s just acting the part. I wonder if he ever feels funny about it though. I guess you have to realize that he is a Scientologist, which is usurping God’s laws; and even though God is telling him not to do it, he just won’t listen. King James I of England even order the preachers of his time to preach against women going to church wearing men’s clothing. This doesn’t quite fit with what we are told about King James I. That he was a homosexual and a pervert. I wonder if Moody Bible Institute has ever considering repenting for their beliefs about King James I)….

Richardson is Hispanic, which makes him illegal to run for president also. Hispanics are hybrids. I guess even changing your name can’t hide this fact. Just recently I received a Cell phone call from a guy that said that his name was Phil Martin. I told him that he sounded like he was Filipino. Boy, you could hear a pin drop. Even when he changed his name to something Anglican; you couldn’t help but detect the very thick oriental, eastern accent.

White’s, don’t let anybody tell you not to love your heritage. After all, blacks have African history month (They don’t even have a history, if it wasn’t for white’s they would all still be spear chucking). There’s Kwanza (which was started by a criminal, and has nothing to do with the African way of life. It was just something for this criminal to make money off of), Mexican’s have their heritage day parade, and puerto Rican’s have their Puerto Rican day parade; yet there is nothing for whites. After all, white’s were here first. they were here before the American Indians were, yet the American Indians have rights, and white’s don’t.
And white women, don’t go out with blacks, Hispanics, Asians, or any multi-racial entity. God condemns interracial marriage and courtship. Please don’t be stupid. If a black, Hispanic, or Asian wants to go out with you, tell him no. If he accuses you of being racist, and he will; tell him, "that’s right, do you have a problem with that." God will support you, God will up hold, he will keep you out of harms way. God is looking for a few good people to stand up for his laws and precepts. Please have the courage to take a stand.
Also, white women that are married to someone from another race, please get rid of him. This is what the Israelites did in Ezra. Have courage and keep you race pure, You’ll never regret it; and God will bless you immensly for it.

And before you think that he is just a racist, he also hates Jews too (not surprising).  Here is what this good Christian had to say about Obama (Feb. 12, 2007):

Ok, now we have a stupid, filthy, black running for President. Not only that, He’s not really black. He is a hybrid, or of a mixed race. So what is the problem here? Very simple:
1) Hybridity (interracial marriage) is a direct violation of the scriptures. In Deuteronomy it says not to allow a bastard child into the congregation up to the 10th. generation. Since a generation is 100 years, that means that 10 generations is 1,000 years. This can only mean a child; or a person, of an interracial marriage.
2) The United States of America was started as a white Christian nation, not a multi-cultural nation. The Bible talks about one race, and one race only; and doesn’t want the white race to be submitted to another race. In other words, it is a direct violation of the Bible for a black to rule over the whites. Here is more proof that there is a movement to destroy the white race. I guess it doesn’t matter any more. After all, we allow filthy disease ridden fags to parade down our streets, our government still won’t listen to the American people who don’t want abortion on demand (at least 85%), and we still don’t want Jesus Christ to be glorified in our country; but allow pagan worship to run ramped. Three miles to the north of me is a Jain center, three miles to the south of me is a Hindu temple, a couple of miles further south of me is a Buddhist temple, and five miles to the west of me is another Buddhist temple. This is what diversity has done, and now it is taken control of our society.
3) With Obama running for President corruption will continue to abound. I guess it doesn’t make any different when you consider that a lesbian is running for President also. When Obama loses, I wonder if he will be running as Vice President with Hillary. So then we can have a Lesbian hybrid ticket. It is interesting that Todd Strogger became President of the Cook County Board in Illinois, and what was the first thing he did? He hired family members and friends to county jobs. Hey, I thought that was illegal. They have a name for that, it’s called patranage. Mayor Dailey got into trouble for this a few years ago; as well as senators and representatives, but I guess if your black you can do it. After all, Strogger came out publically and said that he was going to hire his own family members and friends. So in essence, what he did was publically claim that he was going to violate the law. It’s sort of like his predecessor that was Cook County board President for three months, and trippled her retirement. If a white man did this; he would be thrown in jail for years and fined heavily. Do I hear anybody ask, "What’s wrong with this picture?" On top of that, she picked her son to fill the aldamatic seat that she vacated. what? more patranage. I guess if your black you can do this; but if your white, it’s not allowed.
Yes hybrids, blacks, and hispanics (hybrids) are taking over. However, it will only be for a short period of time. Jesus Christ will come back and restore everything in its proper place and order. Obama will lose to Hillary, who will ask him to be on her ticket as Vice President, and then they will win only to suffer a terrible defeat at the hands of God. We have lost our moral integrity in this country, and God will rise up a people to destroy the illuminati and the satanic involvement in our governments political processes. They will have their day for a short period of time, but destruction will come swift and sudden, and eternal.
Repentance is what is necessary here. However, don’t expect it from Lesbian Hillary or hybrid stupid Obama. They are headed down the road to destruction. Eternity is calling them; the Lake of Fire is awaiting them.

Now if Terry Gabrich isn’t a perfect example of why hate speech can’t be prosecuted, I don’t know who is!  Anyway, now Peter LaBarbera can now hopefully sit back and realize that not all gays and lesbians think or write the same–and this goes for Christians as well (unless of course Peter thinks that all Christians do think and write the same things…).

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10 Responses to Terry Gabrich, Model Christian?

  1. Joe says:

    Here is my challenge to you all, look at all of the information about Terri.  Rather than looking at what he has done.  What of yourself, good and bad, do you see in Terri?   We can never sink to the enemy image tactics of people like LaBarbera.   We can keep our humanity, our compassion even in the toughest of times by trying our hardest to see ourselves in our adversary.   Imagine yourself having coffee with Terri.  What are the things you share in common?   Where do you differ and how can you respect each others differences?   It is by these methods, Terri would trust us, learn from us and perhaps change these really radical thoughts.I know, most people think I am nuts!  But trust me, I know I am right!

  2. It is to bad that I am telling the truth, and has always told the truth. White people need to wake up. The most racist people are those that hate their own race, and also blacks and hispanics. They advocate killing whites. Nelson Mandella use to sing songs about killing whites. God will not allow this to happen. Let the slaughter begin. God will destroy those that are opposing his people. There is no room for multi-culturalism. God will destroy this concept.

  3. kkaatz1 says:

    You are not telling the truth. You are ignoring the truth about America. America has been multicultural since its beginning. What you really need to do is sit down and read a history book. You think that God will destroy ‘his’ people. I assume that means you, a white male? Multiculturalism is a part of American history.
    What are you afraid of, Terry? You talk about slaughter and killing people as if that were a normal part of what you think about. What benefit would you get if all the black and hispanic people were killed by your god? What part would you play in this slaughter?

    • Terry Gabrich says:

      American was never a multicultural society. It was never started as such. The United States of America was started as a white Christian nation. Even the Pilgrims called themselves Hebrews. America in Gothic literally means “Kingdom of Heaven.” You have been duped by Jews. Jews are anti-semitic and anti-white. They hate the white people because white people are true Israel.

      • kkaatz1 says:

        Terry, I think you have some severe problems. For one thing, you willfully ignore real history. You do that because you can’t stand knowing you are lying to yourself. If you acknowledge the truth, your whole world will come crumbling down.
        Let’s look at a few of your ridiculous statements. 1: “America in Gothic literally means “Kingdom of Heaven.” So what exactly does that mean? You left statements at YouTube saying the same thing. Have you ever heard of Amerigo Vespucci? If not, how about you Google (or better yet, Bing) him. 2. You don’t understand what multiculturalism is. That is crysal clear. 3. You say: “Jews are anti-semitic and anti-white.” “Anti” means against. A Semite is someone who spoke one of a wide variety of nations from what we now call Middle East. So anti-semitic is being against the Jews (in modern usage). So so say that Jews are anti-semitic makes no sense. Lots of Jews are white. Sorry.

  4. kkaatz1 says:

    By the way, I can see that your predictive power is a little off. You said “Obama will lose to Hillary.” I hope your version of God didn’t tell you that Hillary would win and Obama would be her vice-president. Whoops.

  5. Teryr says:

    America has never been multi-cultural. Where do you get your facts from . Even the Puritans, when they came to America called themselves Hebrews. America, which means kingdom of heaven, was started as a white nation, not a multi-cultural nation. Whites better wake up. Blacks sing rap songs about killing Americans. A black professor, head of African American studies at the University of North Carolina, even gives talks in all black churchs. He tells the congregation that what they need to do is to kill white people. You can look him up and see for yourself. A few years ago there was an Hispanic Professor at the University of Texas in Austin that stated, “The white people are getting old and feeble, they are dying out, and I love it.We need to kill them all, kill them all.” This isn’t something that I am making up. How about the flash mobs of blacks that are targetting whites. One white was beaten by 8 blacks and all he was doing was walking down the street. Blacks call it polar bear hunting. They hunt for whites to beat up. Just recently a pretty white girl was killed by a black security guard in Atlanta Georgia. She was walking through the parking deck getting to her car. It is amazing that you call me a racist. I don’t run around advocating killing blacks and hispanics. However, blacks and hispanics run around advocating killing whites. What about Channing Christian and Christoper Ingram. They were kidnapped by four black men and one black women. They were sodomized, beaten, and murdered. All of this was hush. I think you all better wake up. Whether you like it or not, blacks and hispanics hate you. God is dealing with them, and he is already destroying them. What about the president of her class at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She was kidnapped by a black, forced to withdraw $1400 from her bank account, and then she was shot and thrown onto the street and left to die. Hey, I’m not making this up. I think you are all sick if You don’t open up your yes and realize that blacks are gunning for you. They say so in their music and in their actions. Blacks are 7 1/2 times more likely to commit violent crimes against whties than whites aganst blacks, and Hispanics are 5 times as likely. Also, blacks at an average will rape 100 white women a day. How many women do whites rape? It is so small that the FBI doesn’t even have statistics for it. You all better wake up, and you better start learning to defend yourself. Right now there is a white man in a coma because he tried to hellp a friend who was attacked by about 8 blacks. Blacks chant, “kill whitey, kill whitey.” I am not making this up.

  6. kkaatz1 says:

    Terry–you left comments here before, but you never, ever, back up your statements. It either means you can’t, or you won’t. My guess is that you can’t.

    For one thing, multicultural means that people from many different cultures are living in the same area. People from Ireland, Spain, France, Holland, Ireland, Scotland and so on all came to the colonies. There were many groups of Native Americans living here beforehand. This is multicultural.

    In what language does “America” mean “kingdom of heaven”?

    You are a racist, pure and simple. What happened to you to make you feel like this??? You just spout things that you can’t back up with real facts. And even if some black people kill white people, that doesn’t mean all black people want to kill white people. What a ridiculous statement. Here in the Bay Area a white Bay Area Rapid Transit policeman killed an unarmed black guy. Does that mean all white people want to kill black people?
    Next time you come here, bring facts that can be backed up.

    • Terry Gabrich says:

      yes you are a racist. You have never backed up your claims. You spout out foolishness in what you say above. You don’t even know what you are talking about.

      • kkaatz1 says:

        Terry, There are so many words you don’t understand, like multiculturalism, racism, racist, anti-semitism. I suggest that you spend some time reading a very, very basic book on history and have your dictionary by you. It would really help, and then we can have a conversation that makes sense.

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