I Think My Time At Chesterstreet Is Just About Over

I think today is close to the last straw for me and Mark and his blog Chesterstreet.  I can’t remember exactly how I found Chesterstreet, but I think it was through Joe Brummer.  Regardless, I had a hard time believing some of the things that were coming out of this ‘Christian’s’ mouth.  They were rude, obnoxious and all said in a superior, smug tone of ‘I am correct and there is nothing else.’  Mark hasn’t changed very much over the past year or so.  I thought that maybe if I could just show him that not all gays and lesbians were sick, diseased and doomed, then that would get him to change his mind slightly.  Of course, knowing what I know now, that is a hopeless task because Mark is one of those people who cannot change the way he thinks because it would wreck his faith, and wrecking his faith would cause a crisis.  He truly believes that he is one of God’s chosen, and that what he believes is the Absolute Truth and no one else who differs from him can even come close to being at least a tiny bit correct.

Mark spends a great deal of his time with gays and lesbians at his blog.  In fact, for whatever reason, that seems to be the major focus.  But the focus is not on the good.  There is no push to try and show gays and lesbians the ‘right way’ to live.  It is just all bad stuff.  I have to say there is nothing that Mark has ever said or wrote that made me think, even for a second, that I should become Christian.  Nothing.  He sets a poor example for what he is really trying to do, which I have to say is unfortunate.  And lately he has become even more rabid in his comments.  I try my best to stay away when he says things that I think are ridiculous, mostly because it does me no good at all when I leave comments, except to give me a bit of stress thinking about how Mark is going to react.  His reactions are rarely good. 

But his comments today have gone to far, even for me.  I am usually pretty patient with him and his beliefs, even when he constantly bashes gays and lesbians.  The topic for yesterday on his blog was on Hate Crimes, yet again.  Here is a little of what he had to say:

Hate crime legislation is nothing more than a homosexual lobby fighting to normalize sodomy, all forms and expression of sex (including sex with children), and stomping out any notion that one may adhere to a Godly standard of Right and Wrong.
This country does not ‘persecute’ you. You ‘persecute’ it. When your blinded immorality must be forced down the throats of others and is successful, that’s when the foundations of this country will fall apart. The hate crimes bill is your tool to accomplish just that.
What I find most amusing is your desperate desire to link your imaginary struggle for "rights" with those in the civil rights movement. Remember, it was the true christians that fought that battle and won.

It is almost impossible for me to imagine anyone thinking this is the reason for hate crime legislation.  I don’t even know if I could pretend to be a Christian and think up something like this.  It seems pretty incredible that he would dare say that the legislation was created so that sex with children would be normalized and then have the audacity to mention ‘true Christians’!  Who on earth could think this?  I can only think of Guy Adams and his sickening comment that the new trend for some gays and lesbians was sex with babies.  That got him canned from writing on a conservative blog and caused Stacy Harp to rewrite her own history.  Should I spend time with someone who believes this, or waste my time leaving comments on their blog?  I think I already know the answer.  For part of my answer, I left this comment:

"When your blinded immorality must be forced down the throats of others and is successful, that’s when the foundations of this country will fall apart."

You see Mark, what you don’t get is that your morals are not my morals. They never will be. They never can be. You think you have the superior form of morality, and more power to you. You think that God has chosen you. Do you know how many billions of people have thought this throughout the ages? I hope that makes you a better person. But I do not share the same moral system as you do. Your moral system should not be shoved down the throat of every American. When it does, this country will truly crumble. When religious beliefs become laws that denigrate certain people, and these laws remain, that is when the U.S. will cease to exist. But this won’t happen, so there is no chance that anything will crumble and the U.S. will continue.

The legislation is my "tool" to tear about this country? I guess I will have to add that to my homosexual agenda toolbelt that I carry around with me.

The Hate Crime legislation will pass, either this year or next. Now that is the day I am really looking forward to. By the way, this legislation won’t make any activity legal or any illegal activity legal–it will outlaw violence, but nothing else. I could say what I think about your comment equating this with ‘normalizing sex with children’, but I won’t. That kind of comment truly deserves to be saved for future use when people are writing books about the history of the Hate Crime legislation and those that were opposed to it on religious grounds.

What a waste of time.  And I look forward to writing that book someday.

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One Response to I Think My Time At Chesterstreet Is Just About Over

  1. Rob says:

    I think the hardest thing to understand about these radical groups is how they can feel so strongly that they understand the homosexual agenda – when I know, as a gay man, that they have no idea who gay people are.  They\’ve just built up this huge boogeyman out of whole cloth.  It\’s a tragedy that so many suffer for their imagination and hate. 

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