The Weekend

Yesterday we packed our backpacks and took the train to visit some friends.  We went to Waterworld, which is the first time I had ever been to a water-themed park.  I was surprised how much fun it was.  The best ‘ride’ was something called the Tornado.  The four of us sat in a raft (that reminded me of a pretzel) and then we went down a shoot that was very steep and shot out into this funnel.  The only thing that I was a bit worried about was the water slide.  The taller one was closed when we got there, but opened soon after.  I have to say that laying on my back, feet locked, hands over my head is not a position I like being in when traveling very fast down an open-aired shoot that seemed very steep!  But it was fun.

Then we went back to Hal and Alfredo’s, had a bbq and then went out to a country-western gay bar in Walnut Creek.  It was fun.  I saw a couple of familiar faces that I’ve seen at Starbucks, so it was nice to meet at least one of them.

Then we traveled back this morning just to get some bad news.  My brother-in-law’s mom passed away last night.  She wasn’t doing very well when I was in Michigan last month.  We also got more bad news on Friday when I went out to lunch with our good friend Harvey.  A friend of ours, Manny, died Thursday night.  Bob (Manny’s partner) and Manny had given us their ballet tickets back in May.  Bob turned 70 three weeks ago and decided he was going to run a marathon.  During the marathon, Manny was rushed to the hospital with a tumor that had ruptured in his intestine.  The doctors did everything they could, but Manny died Thursday night.  I can’t imagine what Bob is going through.  We will be going to the memorial service next Sunday.  So quite a sad weekend. 

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