The First Cherry Tomatoes

It has been a bit on the foggy side here in San Francisco, or at least it was a couple of weeks ago.  That definitely slowed down the ripening of the cherry tomatoes.  However, it hasn’t slowed down the growth of the plants.  They are pretty massive.  I guess the home-grown compost really did the trick!  The pole beans are starting to flower, so I imagine in the next month or so (when our weather usually warms up quite a bit) we should have some green beans.  Boy, I can’t wait to have a large yard for a garden.  It will be so nice to try and grow most of our own food.  I might even throw in some chickens for eggs.  I used to think I would be able to have chickens for meat, but I don’t know about that now…


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2 Responses to The First Cherry Tomatoes

  1. Rob says:

    I miss having a garden – not that I can get around well enough to work one anymore.  It\’s just about spring here and I may try to grow some peppers in a container on the deck. 

  2. Kevin says:

    Hey Rob!  When we lived there I planted tomatoes in containers and they did just fine (until we moved just as they were about to ripen–they didn\’t like that very much!).  Our warm weather is about to start.  But just a bit south of here it is real summer–I went to an on-campus meeting yesterday and it was in the upper 80s.  

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