An American’s For Truth About Homosexuality Banquet?

There is something extremely unappetizing about Peter LaBarbera’s latest money-making scheme.  He sounds like he is getting tips from Stephen Bennett!  Anyway, Peter LaBarbera is having a banquet on Oct. 6.  He says of it:

This surely will be one of the most compelling and exciting evenings for defending truth in the area of homosexuality that you will ever experience!

And to make it even sillier, Peter LaBarbera gives a number where you can call the American’s For Truth About Homosexuality "Banquet Coordinator."

I can guess how the dinner conversation will go:

Eater A:  Dear, please pass the peas.

Eater B:  Here you go.  By the way, did you hear about the latest water sports news? 

Eater A: But of course, and isn’t this wine fantastic?  Speaking of that, I have heard about those feces-eating homosexuals.. 

Eater B.  Yes, Peter has described this in detail before.  Wow, this steak is absolutely divine! 

Eater A.  I wonder if Peter will be showing his home movies of the International Leather Festival from the last 10 years?  It is disgusting, but I so love to watch how fashion changes in the leather community.

Eater B.  Oh, I totally agree.  It is so disgusting.  Please pass those big sausages, would you?  By the way, have you heard the latest news?  We could all be arrested for having this conversation if the hate crime legislation passes!  Just shocking.

Eater A.  Yes.  We really should be whispering this, because Peter was certain that those hateful, militant gay activists were going to spy on our little wonderful dinner.

And so on.  Ex-lesbian Charlene Cothran will apparently be the guest speaker.  Imagine that. She made her money off of a gay and lesbian readership and then turns around to make some money off of the anti-gay activist wagon-train.  I have to hand it to her.  She really knows how to milk whatever she is doing for all of its worth!

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5 Responses to An American’s For Truth About Homosexuality Banquet?

  1. Rob says:

    Their preoccupation with all things gay does seem peculiar…  

  2. Nelson says:

    For $500, one would better be expecting more than finger sandwiches, hor doeuvres, and bags of taco chips.

  3. Joe says:

    Just for giggles, I think I would like to go but I have a few questions about attending the event:Will I be able to register my partner and I together?  I am concerned if we register separately, we will be forced to sit at separate tables?  Our union may not be kosher to these people but would our "union" be respected?  Will we be treated like the government treats us, like we are strangers to each other after 8 years together?Second question, will we need to register under a different name as to not let on that we are a gay couple there to "spy" or just be a gay presence or can I just register as Joe Brummer and partner. Would we be welcomed with open arms by the Christian group in the room or will we be treated like they write about us, as enemies?Now, it is a common known fact that many wait staff are "homos", so will Peter request that the event only have female wait staff as to avoid any unpleasantries?The hospitality industry is a meca for homos, so will they use a church rather than a real hotel?   I an see them getting a hotel, but I have a hard time believing that the hotel would be boycotted for life after they event.  Will they be serving alcohol at this event?   I wouldn\’t want to see any of these people get wasted on some Jack Daniels and have a Mel Gibson moment or anything.well, I will think about the event, perhaps we gay bloggers should buy a table under a false name like "homo ministries" and see if we can all hang out.

  4. ed says:

    Thank you Americans for truth. For standing up for what’s right. Homosexuals want to ruin this country, the world and all who live in it with there sinful disgusting ways. I don’t want these people around me or my family. The world will soon die and all will answer to GOD. Amen.

    • kkaatz1 says:

      Oh Ed, you poor thing. I guess you haven’t been keeping up with the news Americans For Truth is nearly dead. It is no longer a non-profit because PL couldn’t make a profit any longer with hate. Get with the program!

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