Post #10 on IndependentChristianPatriot and Robert Bayn

Robert Bayn, the nice little Christian boy who calls people names and thinks that racial profiling is a.o.k., made a number of attacks on people yesterday (the 21st), including myself. 

At Chesterstreet, Mark is doing his usual moaning about those nasty gays and lesbians.  Robert pipes up with his usual words of ‘wisdom’:

What proof do they have that the men thought he was gay? Activist making up stories and lies? Ah yes, Replacing the Truth with Lies, seems about right with "that group", that’s what they do best.
Group: Joe no substance Brummer, N personal attack G, Star Trek Borg Guy, and Doctor Lie a Lot.

You can find this at Chesterstreet ( under Hate Crimes 101.  For one thing, I have no clue what story little Robert Bayn is talking about (and neither does NG).  Nor does GayLeftBorg2 or NG write at Joe Brummer’s blog.  But why let the truth get in the way when he was having so much fun making up his little slogans?  I’m sure he thought he was very clever to make up that accusation and I’m sure he pat himself on the back for just thinking that he was so clever.  He is screaming at the top of his lungs about hate and lies, but as I have shown earlier, he doesn’t understand what doing a little background research actually means.  He thinks that all gay men are robots that think exactly alike.  Maybe that is how he was when he was gay, but that isn’t how the rest of us work.  Sorry Mr. Bayn.

Secondly, I have to say that I am pretty pissed right now to be referred to as ‘Doctor Lie a Lot.’  In the words of a great actor, He "can’t handle the truth."  He calls people vile names and then acts so remorseful and begs his listeners to do the same, but then turns around and attacks again.  As I said, he is like many faux-christians who do what they want, say what they want and pretend that God will forgive all, so the next day they can do it all over again.  He says the words ‘far left’ and ‘militant’ so much that he doesn’t even know what they mean (if he ever did).  All he knows is that anyone who disagrees with him is a far left homosexual militant with San Francisco values who hates the troops and hates America and sides with the terrorists.  🙂 

He also left this comment at Chesterstreet on global warming:

Science actually proves Global Warming is a joke. Remember in the 70’s they said we was [sic] having a global cooling?

Two things here.  Robert claims he is 27 on his blog.  2007-27=1980.  Um, Robert–maybe I can remember what they said in the 1970’s, but since you were born after the 1970’s, I doubt you can remember it.  Even if you haven’t gotten around to changing your description (because of all your other worries), I am sure you don’t remember any of the 1970’s.  I doubt you can remember what they said about global warming in the 1980s.  Second, it should be ‘were’ which matches ‘they.’ 

Anyway, back to the topic.  You see, Robert Bayn cannot point to a single thing that I have ever said that is a lie.  Nothing. I don’t lie, or actively try not to and only unless I have to and only when I think telling the truth will hurt someone.  I challenge him to do so and put his whiny big mouth where his words are.  I think he really needs to get himself some type of education that will help him understand the difference between truth and lies, between name calling and respectful dialogue and between pretending to be a Christian and actually being one.  Maybe someone in his church can help him out on that one.  Maybe not. 

Anyway, there is the challenge Robert.  You point out where I have lied.  Or take it back.  Of course, if you are like your other friends, you will just ignore this and try and make a side comment that has nothing to do with your accusation.  After reading the comments of some of your friends, it is exactly like what I would expect you to do.  However, surprise me. 

Oh, and I see that I finally have you thinking about persecution (which is now one of your favorite words of the week).  I’m happy about that.  Now if you can only understand what I mean by that, I will be even happier. 

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4 Responses to Post #10 on IndependentChristianPatriot and Robert Bayn

  1. Joe says:

    Just for the record, Robert and Mark accuse me in this current rant of misleading people on the facts of the Arron Hall murder.   The claim, by only one very conservative news source, is that it may not be an anti-gay hate crime.   Other news sources disagree with this claim.   The original  Police Report and the Probable Cause Affidavit say King killed Hall because of a sexual pass.  The defendants of course will say now it was something else because the have a lawyer instructing them on how to get a lighter sentence.  The fact still remains that these men killed Hall, and hid the body in a garage.   The originally went for the Gay-Panic defense and are now coping out of that for some other tactic.  The facts still point to a hate crime.I would also not intentionally mislead anyone about the facts, but I will report them as I have seen them in reliable news sources.  I would say there is much more substance in my blog than I see on Mark\’s or Robert because more of my words are facts and opinions and less name calling.I have always admired Gandhi\’s take on people like Mark and Robert.  Gandhi said, "I like your Christ but I don\’t like your Christians, they are nothing like your Christ."  I would agree with that statement in light of the name calling and other stuff I see coming from these so called Christians.

  2. Kevin says:

    I like that quote by Gandhi.  Another one that I have heard is "Jesus, save me from your followers."  The thing that made me so angry is Robert Bayn\’s statement that I am a liar.  Robert knows me even less than Mark does, and Mark doesn\’t know me at all.  He is calling me a liar, but he won\’t be able to site anything I have written as a lie.  He just likes calling people names since he clearly doesn\’t want to discuss anything of substance. 

  3. Narciblog says:

    I have to laugh whenever I read your posts on this guy because Chester Street is the name of my local gay bar.

  4. Kevin says:

    Hey Narciblog–that is pretty funny!   

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